Healthy lifestyle

How to stay healthy and vigorous in the offseason

Autumn cloudy days and lack of sun affects our physical and psychological condition. In sensitive people is a whole range of feelings: discomfort, unpleasant feelings, anxiety, which affects the condition. So in the fall and exacerbated chronic illnesses, and then there’s dull as can all aggravate. So our body in the autumn-winter period needs extra care.

How to make autumn days sunnier

Autumn melancholy and malaise linked to lack of sunlight: it is the decrease of daylight affects the slowing down of the secretion of the hormone melatonin in the body. Hence – depression, low mood, General malaise. Therefore, to receive the missing doses of light available to us in different ways: from a trip to Sunny country and Solarium (if no contraindications and dosed session) to the use of household lamps full spectrum of radiation and the maximum stay on the street in the daytime.

Physical activity outdoors, Hiking, the maximum release of your apartment or house from the shade – opening curtains, blinds, etc., and the increase of light tones and shades in the interior will not only cheer, but also to strengthen the immune system. Add to this “light therapy” massage, aromatherapy, saunas or baths, and the spleen will be removed as a hand. It is important that any procedure to check with their family doctor, or you can is desirable for the improvement of health harmful to health.

Help body: it is important to eat right and take vitamins

Autumn and winter fruits and vegetables collected in late summer, already beginning to lose its beneficial properties. In addition, the exacerbation of chronic diseases can prevent vitamins and minerals absorbed in the body. Of course to properly and efficiently it is important to eat at any time of the year. But if you feel malaise, weakness, and melancholy, in this case, the specialist may recommend intake of vitamin preparations or phytocomplex. For example, an extract of St. John’s wort or vervain much more convenient to take in capsule form and not in the form of herbal decoctions or infusions.

In the offseason, don’t forget about foods rich in amino acids, vitamins C and b: legumes, white meat (chicken breast), cottage cheese, cheese, eggs, saltwater fish (salmon, sardines, herring), seeds and nuts, citrus fruits, sauerkraut, cereals whole grains, green vegetables. These products and medicines during the cold weather can help the body to improve metabolism. Consume vitamin complexes or amino acids doctors recommend in the morning (after Breakfast) or after dinner.

How to overcome the autumn sleepiness and organize yourself

Learn about deficiency of micronutrients in the body using the blood test: direction to the laboratory on the basis of your complaint will write the family doctor or therapist. Women are often indicators of iron content in the blood: a deficiency of this element leads to anemia (anemia), drowsiness, fatigue etc. If the health in order, in addition to proper diet and physical activity to improve health will help:

  • fixed sleep and rest
  • quitting Smoking and decreasing the doses of taken alcohol
  • douche
  • possible – short NAPs (15-30 minutes)
  • planning work tasks and well-lit work space.