How to strengthen the body before the fall: 3 tips

Very soon will begin the autumn, however, do not worry. Simple recommendations will help strengthen the body, to protect themselves from disease and vigorously to meet the autumn without the cold and melancholy.

Stock up on vitamins

The end of summer and beginning of autumn bountiful crop season that gives us plenty of vegetables, fruits, greens, nuts. Eat as much seasonal fruits and vegetables – it will help to stock up on vitamins and other nutrients. After the cold front, and the need to meet them head on.

In addition, everything that grows in the beds, can be dried or freeze – this is a great way to preserve vitamins in vegetables, herbs and fruit, and then indulge yourself in cold winter days “slice of summer”.

Walk in the fresh air

As you spend more time on the street, choosing the parks, the woods, anywhere outside the city – in short, away from the polluted slopes. After all the fresh air and the viruses are incompatible: they are simply not. Moreover, while walking on the street, our blood is saturated with oxygen, improves metabolic processes in the body and increases immunity. In addition, dry and Sunny days and contribute to spend outdoors as much time as possible.


For anybody not a secret that all illnesses from nerves. And colds too aktiviziruyutsya during times of stress. By the way, the cold that come with autumn too stressful for the body.

The relationship of stress (nervous tension) and diseases scientists explain it this way: prolonged stress causes the release of special hormones – glucocorticoids. They impair the body’s ability to produce cell signaling molecules – cytokines, which activate the immune system. This is why prolonged stress causes a weakening of the immune system.

In addition, in a state of tension you’re less sleep, eat poorly and fail to exercise. All this inevitably makes the body more vulnerable and increases the risk of colds and other diseases.

To get rid of stress and thereby strengthen the body will help different ways of relaxing. It can be yoga, meditation or anger management. Relax with a massage and sauna or steam bath (without alcohol!). Another great way to remove tension is your favorite hobby, be it painting or dancing does not matter, the main thing is to make the activity fascinated and bring joy.