Healthy lifestyle

How to strengthen the immune system in the winter time

Why do some of us spend all winter actively and others did not get out of colds? It’s all in the immune system – the body’s ability to resist infections. Doctors say that the body’s defenses primarily depend on genetic predisposition and lifestyle, and by taking a variety of medicines and drugs that strengthen the immune system only partially. But to raise the body’s defenses by using simple recommendations and available funds. And in winter, during the mass in the incidence of respiratory infections, care of your health is the time.

Is it possible to be cold in the winter?

It is possible and necessary, just not talking about pouring in the cold (although people with experience of practice and such). To strengthen protective forces of an organism and the vascular tone will help douche: after the usual showering, the temperature of which you are accustomed (37-38 degrees) should gradually reduce the heat of the water, to pouring water is 24-25 degrees. Thus, the hot and cool water alternates: originally enough three approaches for 15 seconds, eventually pouring hot and cold water alternately increased to 5-10 minutes.

Such procedures should discuss with the doctor as a number of diseases of the heart, blood vessels and other internal organs of contrast shower are contraindicated. The same applies to saunas and baths: this is a great winter tool to strengthen the immune system, but sauna is not for everyone. And here physical activity air required: sled, skis, skates or just walking. Don’t forget to regularly hold wet cleaning in the room and ventilate the room. If the weather allows you to “turn around”, then do light exercises at home. Generally every morning should begin with a warm-up. Also winter is not a reason to abandon swimming pools, fitness club, yoga Studio, just remember to dry thoroughly after taking a shower, cool down and change into dry clothes.

Food and beverages, useful for strengthening of protective forces

If you do not have time to freeze summer fruits, it does not matter. Come to the aid of citrus, ginger root, sea buckthorn, pumpkin, cranberry, sauerkraut. If you don’t have stomach problems, do not forget to put in salads, side dishes, omelettes etc garlic onions and green onions. Don’t forget about this useful product-honey. A day is enough to eat no more than 2 teaspoons of honey, only do not put it in hot tea, dissolved valuable substances in it. Winter drinks – it’s not just tea with honey and lemon. Various herbal formulas and herbal teas containing mint, lemon balm and other herbs will help to relax and calm down. A tea made from dried rose hips, cranberry, lingonberry, sea buckthorn and other berries – a real vitamin bomb.

Specific immunity

To the period of mass disease of SARS and Influenza, doctors are also advised to be vaccinated against influenza. Vaccination helps to avoid illness and infection – to transfer the disease in a mild form. The flu vaccine in Ukraine is not mandatory, so everyone makes the decision to get vaccinated or not. Doctors recommend flu shots to those at risk – young children (to be vaccinated with 6 months), the elderly, people with chronic diseases and those who often have contact with large groups of people (doctors, teachers, schoolchildren and students, service workers, etc.).

Before. How to get vaccinated, it is imperative to consult a physician and assess the need for vaccination. Also many are trying to strengthen the immune system with herbal and immunotropic funds. Remember, however, that taking any medicines or health products require a consultation with the doctor. And if you will only take drugs, ignoring physical activity, healthy eating and other recommendations, such “prevention” may be completely useless.