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How to understand what your body lacks iron?

Experience dizziness or constant weakness? This is a common symptom that can be a symptom of many diseases. For starters, eliminate the lack of iron in the body iron-deficiency anemia.

Who is most susceptible to iron deficiency?

There are certain risk groups for the diseaseiron -deficiency anemia. Namely:

  • people who support the diet;
  • actively growing children;
  • pregnant women;
  • athletes with intense stress;
  • frequent donors.

The reasons include the violation of compatibility of ingredients. A common mistake is to drink iron-containing products coffee or tea. These drinks contain a special substance called “tannin”. It prevents the absorption element. Another common mistake is a combination of foods containing iron and calcium. These trace elements cancel each other out. For example, buckwheat and milk in order to increase the level of iron in your blood will not help.

In some cases, the body simply can’t absorb the iron. This result can give some diseases of the intestine.

The first symptoms of iron deficiency

In the early stages of development of iron deficiency anemia to identify the disease based on symptoms is almost impossible. But then will start to show these symptoms:

  • bruising, the appearance of which is impossible to explain;
  • hair loss and General deterioration of the health of your hair;
  • the decreased concentration;
  • fatigue;
  • stratification, the fragility and changing the shape of the nails;
  • pain in the muscles.

There are more severe symptoms that indicate a protracted disease. These include a change in the mucous membranes. Can manifest as inflammation of the tongue and change of taste papillae.

Dysgeusia is also a symptom of iron deficiency. Often seen in children, they want to eat non-edible products. Children may want a chalk, tooth powder, raw dough, cereals. Perversion of taste preferences is accompanied by a predilection for unusual odors, such as acetone, lacquers, kerosene, the smell of damp earth.

The specific symptom of “blue sclera”. The sclera is called the protein layer of the eye. Also iron deficiency causes a disruption in immune function.

If you are in the risk group, certainly every six months check the General analysis of blood. If you experience these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. With the right approach, the body can quickly bounce back.