Hurts ear? “Blame” summer otitis

Inflammatory diseases of ENT-organs in hot weather is not uncommon. With the onset of heat and the beach season increases the risk of developing otitis media, an inflammatory disease of the ear. Summer ear infections in most cases is the result of the first bathing in the waters, a long stay in the cool water. Trapped ear water, as well as a long stay in air conditioned plus used large quantities of cold drinks in the end lead to the incidence of otitis. Ear infections often affects children than adults

Why swimming leads to inflammation in the ear

Otitis media, as such, develops in contact with the ear infection: bacteria easily migrate to the Eustachian tubes other ENT-organs – of the nose and throat. If a person has hypothermia, reduced local immunity and begin to actively proliferate microorganisms in the tonsils, nasal cavity, etc. because Of the physiological connection of the ears with the throat and nose treatment of nose, throat and ears are dealt with by one specialist – an otolaryngologist (ENT doctor). Otitis externa in swimmers in most cases develops after bathing in running water – river, lake, etc., than in the sea.

Otitis media in adults is easier than children, although there are complicated cases. This is because an adult’s immune system is formed more developed than children’s. In children Eustachian tubes shorter than those of adults, making pathogens easier to get into the ear. If the child has ear ache, then pull on a visit to Laura and to self-medicate is dangerous, because the disease quickly passes into the chronic form. And chronic otitis threat hearing until complete deafness.

The symptoms of otitis media in adults and children

The main symptom of sciatica is aching or shooting pain in the ear, also can rise the temperature, reduced hearing. Initially the person experiences pain in the ear after a couple of days from the meatus begins to drain purulent contents. It’s time to seek medical help as purulent contents self broke through the eardrum, hole in the eardrum will heal without consequences, and therapy will be minimal.

If you ignore and continue to wait, not eliminating the source of infection, the pus will again begin to accumulate inside the ear. In some cases purulent contents can not come out, which increases the risk of developing life-threatening complications abcess of the brain or meningitis. Therefore, even a slight ear pain is a significant reason
to go to the audiologist.

Treatment and prevention summer otitis

Diagnosis the doctor examines the patient, can also be assigned analysis of blood extracted from the ear, gnoinogo content, x-ray sochnyh bone imaging (survey data prestudy to study the deep structures of the ear if necessary). Inspect the outer ear and eardrum ENT doctor can use a special instrument, the Otoscope. Depending of the type of otitis and disease (acute, chronic, neglected disease) the doctor will prescribe medication, ear lavage with antiseptic solutions, ear drops, vitamin supplements. In some cases, shown oerative intervention paracentesis or puncture of the eardrum.

When ear pain in any case not warm up the ear so you amplify the inflammatory process and the spread of infection even more. Warming up procedures are appointed only after removal of acute inflammation and antibacterial treatment. Try not SuperCool, not to be a long time in water, in air conditioning and drafts, watch for children. It is important to strengthen the overall immunity to the body’s defenses can fight the infection in a timely manner to treat all emerging diseases of ENT-organs: rhinitis, colds, sore throats.

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