Infectious shingles: why it is dangerous to treat the skin yourself

Inflamed spots on the skin or peeling and bubbles can be ringworm. This skin disease can be of several types, but today let’s talk about the infectious nature of lichen. The source of infection could be not only sick people but also animal, soil, which were causative agents of the disease. In summer, the risk of catching ringworm increases, so it is important to know the “enemy”.

How to understand that this is ringworm?

To put a 100% correct diagnosis yourself is impossible, you are not a dermatologist and at home you are unlikely to have a laboratory for carrying out research and analysis. So the worst thing you can do in case of any skin disease is to self-medicate. However, a number of characteristic lichen of symptoms will help it to suspect an infectious skin disease so you can take some measures to avoid infecting others or becoming infected yourself noticing any of the following symptoms:

    • The appearance of dark or light spots all over the body
    • Flaking, inflammation and itchiness of these spots, the total state of health does not deteriorate
    • Red or pink spots, or the ring on the scalp, neck or face (ringworm).

Depending on the type of disease will vary the appearance of skin lesions and their location. For example, if shingles are painful blisters in the areas of transmission of nerve trunks, often between the ribs. This type of lichen is called herpes simplex virus, which lives in the human body. While a number of factors such as stress, low immunity, etc., the disease becomes skin form. Non-infectious form of lichen is psoriasis: it affects most often the elbows, knees and other large joints and is not contagious.

How do you get ringworm infectious

Often shingles cause Micrography, which also have few species live in the soil, on human skin and/or hair of animals. The symptoms of this disease manifest pretty quickly. In contrast to viral lichen. Viruses can remain in the body for years and the weakening of the immune system to make itself felt (the same shingles or pityriasis rosea).

Ringworm caused by fungi (barn itch, pityriasis) it is easy to catch through contact with infected animal or person. Therefore, to stroke and to touch stray animals on the street is dangerous: most of all try to communicate with the animals kids. Washing hands with soap will help in such cases is also not infected with helminths, bacteria, not just fungi. But the homeless, and especially wild animals and birds – squirrels, pigeons, hedgehogs, etc. should not touch at all. Also pick up a fungal infection on the beach or in the shower, using other people’s towels, shoes – those rubber Slippers etc.

Treatment and prevention of lichen

To avoid fungal infection ringworm, you should try not to contact with the source of infection. To pink or shingles, it is important to have strong immune system in a timely manner to treat emerging diseases, to maintain a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition. From species of lichen will depend on his treatment: clean lesions with skin in case of timely treatment to the dermatologist for maybe 1-3 weeks.

Than neglected condition, the longer treatment. The danger of denying in the fact that to the affected area of the skin can attach to a bacterial infection, then the treatment will last for months. Mainly used topically ointments, vitamins are prescribed to strengthen the body’s defenses. It is also important to pay more attention to health, strictly follow the doctor’s instructions and not to abandon treatment.