Inflammation of the facial nerve: is it always the result of hypothermia

Hypothermia or stay in the draft often results in inflammation (neuritis) of the facial nerve. This disease is relevant not only for the hot time of the year when you can “blow” in public transport or under the air conditioner. General hypothermia, cold or infectious disease that aktiviziruyutsya in autumn and winter, can also lead to the development of this disease.

Symptoms and causes of neuritis of the facial nerve

Suspect neuritis of the facial nerve will help the symptoms, characteristic only for this disease. Initially there is pain behind the ear, to control the muscles of the face becomes impossible: impossible to smile, frown, pucker, etc. Along with this, there is facial asymmetry: the inflammatory process starts in one of the facial nerves, which leads to weakness of facial movements down to their complete absence.

From the side of the affected nerve is the drooping of the corner of his mouth, the face becomes distorted, also becomes difficult to close the eyelids (symptom bell). Primary neuritis of the facial nerve or facial cold optic neuritis occurs in a healthy person after exposure. There is a secondary neuritis when the cause of illness is infection with the disease. For example, when viral respiratory infections, otitis media (inflammation of ear), apparatice (mumps), herpes infection, etc. is Also secondary to facial nerve palsy may develop due to trauma, hypertensive crisis, circulatory disorders of the brain tumor.

What to do with neuritis of the facial nerve: diagnosis and treatment

In case of inflammation of the facial nerve should immediately seek assistance from a specialist (neurologist). Neuritis of the facial nerve is so evident clinically that the diagnosis of this disease is not difficult with an expert. However, it is important to reveal the true nature of the disease and to exclude other possible causes of the neuritis – for example, a tumor or encephalitis (inflammation of the brain).

It is important to keep the peace, especially in the first week of the disease, so as not to strain the affected muscle. In addition to medical treatment when the disease is physiotherapy used (do not contact the heat early in the disease) and after the 5-6th day of illness, use paraffin, etc., gradually connecting massage and physical therapy. It is therefore important to entrust your health specialist and do not self-medicate: in case of timely start of the correct therapy the neuritis is fully cured and facial expressions is restored.

Prevention of neuritis of the facial nerve

The main methods of primary prevention of neuritis of the facial nerve to avoid hypothermia, timely treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases, particularly respiratory tract: ears, nose, pharynx (throat), teeth (caries, etc.) it is Also important to avoid injury, but not to abandon physical activity and sports, healthy lifestyle, eat rationally.