Internet addiction – a disease or not: how to spend less time in social networks

How to understand how you or your family dependent of the Internet and how it’s hurting your health? Without the world wide web today cannot imagine a life already neither adults nor children. The company even initiated the international Internet day, which takes place today, 4 April. If children or adults often “hang” on the Internet, it is good, of course, a little, but it’s not an addiction. The real problems with mental and then physical health starts when a person is virtually completely immersed in a virtual world and lose touch with real life.

What Internet addiction is

There are several types of Internet addiction, which doctors believe disease:

  • sexy cybersafefamily. The man constantly uses erotic or pornographic sites and applications that leads to a split real family and intimate life
  • dependence on social networks. The man begins to communicate only on social networks, refusing to communicate with colleagues, friends and family
  • Internet gambling – Intrusive network toys, in which man plays even at work.
  • information Internet attachment, the person watches could view the news or searching for information in various databases
  • dependence on computer is not online gaming – people playing in different downloaded or purchased popular game offline, this can be attributed to the dependence on gaming consoles.

How to make the child less “hang” on the Internet

To select a gadget or to prohibit use of the Internet is fundamentally wrong action. Any sudden ban would cause the child’s protest, the anger, and the opposite effect – it will use the Internet “in the quiet”, outside the home, etc. Parents can observe what children are on the Internet by tracking his activity. Just do it carefully, for example, not just browsing history in the browser in the absence of the child at home and arranging questioning him, and finding his page in social networks and watching the contents of his account. In addition, modern technologies provide many opportunities to monitor the actions of people on the Internet – it is enough to refer to appropriate specialists.

Advice to parents is pretty simple:

  • get together with the child as much as possible activities, interesting him outside of the Internet
  • be a great example, because if mom and dad spend hours “hanging” in social networks, the child will do the same
  • pay attention to the emotional state of the child: he may have problems at school, or something, from what he is “hiding” on the Internet
  • get help assistant. To take criticism of parents who, in the opinion of children, far from the progressive modern world, it is difficult for them. But the authoritative opinion of the coach, favorite teacher, or older brother/sister child can listen.

How to get rid of Internet addiction

If the situation is deadlocked, without the help of a psychologist or therapist can not do. Dependence on the Internet or computer not only hinders normal family life, to relationships, to work, socializing with friends, it is harmful to health. Besides the fact that from the permanent stay in front of the monitor of the gadget vision deteriorates, you experience headaches in adolescents may appear curvature of the spine from a permanent seat in an uncomfortable position. Also the constant exposure to the Internet or a computer may lead to negative changes in the substance of the brain and cause a decrease in brain activity.

If you often “hang” on the Internet, which takes a lot of time, then try to assess the situation adequately and to handle it by yourself. For this there are several psychological techniques:

  • make a list of what you do on the Internet: communication in social networks, watching videos, reading blogs, games, etc. and note how much time per day it takes. Post the list in a prominent place. Look for a replacement virtual values in the real world.
  • write on a sheet of paper, for what purpose you will use the computer and read emails, work, etc. and try to stick to your goals
  • because you finally managed to hang in social networks in just 30 minutes instead of 5 hours, and it’s time to spend on the gym or read books – encourage myself a small gift
  • change the mode Internet activity – try “catit” in the morning or afternoon break, but not at night instead of sleeping
  • find an interesting hobby or any activity and the company of like-minded people with whom you will spend time
  • read this paper book. And also go to live events – exhibitions, concerts, cinemas, do not replace them on online entertainment, or e-books.