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Lent without harm to health: practical tips

Today, February 19, Orthodox Christians begin Lent, which will last until Easter, ie 7 April. Although not all adhere to strict rules of fasting, every year there are people who want to clear thought and body, and check yourself for endurance. Naturally the question arises: will not waiver from the usual diet harm to health?

How to eat during Lent, not to hurt yourself?

Fasting carries no threat to the body, if properly thought out and eat. This refers to the use of pickles that will contain proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients. Of course it is a vegetable dish. 
About proteins need to know that they are complete and incomplete. Complete contains all important amino acids for humans and is usually of animal products. Plant foods also contain incomplete proteins, ie those whose composition does not include certain amino acids. Therefore, during Lent plant food proteins must be able to correctly combine so that the body did not feel lack of amino acids. Well replenish stocks of soy protein, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds and vegetables.

Fats are important for normal human activity. So had to abandon animal fats in the post, you should know that vegetable oils should be used rarely, and which – often. Is useful linen, hemp, cedar oil, they are especially recommended during Lent. 

Carbohydrates are found in many plant foods. Most nutritionists recommend fasting during use bran that can zaparyuvaty as drugs used for cooking various dishes such as homemade bread baking. It carbohydrates provide the body with fiber, so you can not completely abandon them.

Vitamins fall into the body of fruits and vegetables, vitamin B12 is only found in animal products. So worry about the lack of vitamins during Lent is not necessary. It should only remember that they do not like heat treatment, so eating fruits and vegetables recommended fresh. Canned fruits and vegetables, jams, compotes, salads do not give the required dose of vitamins, whatever amount of these foods you eat.

A few tips on nutrition

During the post to add to your daily diet wheat germ, rye and other grains and legumes. They contain many vitamins and enzymes, such as is desired during Lent. Seedlings can prepare a separate dish, add some honey, dried fruits and nuts. They can also be added to salads or even cook them cocktails. 

Also on the menu the person who holds the post should be a lot of greens, which can complement salads, hot dishes and more. Nutritious, healthy and tasty variety will strip fruit, which you can also add herbs.

Lent – a significant stress to the body, but if everything is properly organized, it can be transferred without any harm to health. Before you decide to fast, should consult with their doctor, possibly for health reasons you are contraindicated such food restrictions.For example, pregnant women and mothers nursing baby breast milk, even the church does not endorse observe strict rules of fasting. And most importantly, remember that post – is primarily a spiritual cleansing, so do not turn it into a regular diet.