Lipofilling of the face: facial rejuvenation through fat — Healthy


A universal method of facial rejuvenation due to its own subcutaneous fat – this is a chance for every female at any age transform your face safely and effectively. The use of fat for aesthetic purposes known medicine for 100 years, but only recently the procedure has become common and popular.

Important: the key advantage of lipofilling is the possibility of their use for elderly patients.

Lipofilling will interest those who want to remove from the face depth of the tear furrows, folds, wrinkles, scars. Also those who want to give him back his youth, a clear outline and beautiful body.

What is the procedure?
For a start, the doctors produce taking your own fat tissue of the patient. This is normally the thighs or abdomen. Then taken the biomaterial is subjected to treatment. Direct entry procedure fat under the skin takes a little time, about an hour. In this case the patient is administered local anesthesia.

This minimally invasive method involves easy after your treatment. The patient or the patient should be within 10 days to take it easy from physical activity and other adverse factors.

Is there necessary to comply with the conditions?

No. This procedure does not require any special living conditions or diets in the period after surgery. There is no need even in a sling. There are some recommendations for quick healing of donor organs, physicians are advised to wear a compression garment.

It is recommended to keep a positive attitude and provide good physical condition. Two weeks before surgery, do not use medications that contain aspirin. It can cause bleeding because it thins the blood. 6 hours before surgery can not eat.

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How long does the effect of lipofilling?
The fat that is transplanted from one body to another, remains there forever. He becomes a part of the face. But there is another aspect: survives the weight of the transplanted fat? This question can not give an affirmative answer even the real experts. Everything is very individual, and the result variable in each case.

Whether to repeat procedure and when is it done?

Each patient should be prepared for the fact that half of the first introduced the fat dissolve. At the same time, the doctor can’t drive a large quantity of biological material, because you do not know how to lead the body in each case. From the point of view of physiology a large amount of fat in one area may not fit, because the number of blood vessels that provide nourishment to the cells is limited.

Re-introduction of the biomaterial allows you to give better results. Practice noticed that the frequent introduction of its own fat on problem areas increases the survival rate. To check on their own experience the effectiveness of the procedure lipofilling you can book here.

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Are there any contraindications to the procedure?
There are, but they are few. These include some diseases: diabetes, cancer, atherosclerosis, infectious diseases. As well as incorrect functioning of the cardiovascular system and internal organs.