Dietology and nutrition

Lose weight the spring without harm to health

The closer spring, the more people want to quickly reset dialed over the winter pounds. Attempt to lose weight quickly can cause injury, diseases of internal organs, hormonal imbalance. In addition, quickly weight gone come back just as quickly. To always be in shape and have normal weight, it is important to systematically adhere to a healthy diet and lifestyle, physical activity, and not a week before the start of spring. And if you still can not start struggle with excess weight, it’s time to figure out how to do it without harm to health.

What are the dangers of rapid weight loss

Nutritionists remind us that the consequences of quick weight loss can be even more dangerous than they gained during the winter extra pounds. Thus, excessive load in the gym can result in sprains, injuries of the spine and joints, intervertebral disc protrusion and hernias, the aggravation of sciatica, etc. a Dramatic change in diet and restriction in the number of products can result in gastritis, peptic ulcer, etc.

If you want to get in shape, eagerly looking for a new spring coat or a skirt, it’s better to focus not on a strict diet and regime of proper nutrition, the composition of the diet and physical activity. This will help not only to lose weight and get into your favorite dress or pants, but also to develop the habit of eating less junk food (ideally to opt out of it) to be more active. And further, if your goal will be “cubes” on the belly or a wasp waist – to be more prepared for going to the gym and conscious work with one’s own body.

Proper diet or review your diet

The basic rule of weight loss should consume fewer calories than you expend during the day. In the fight against excess weight is important not only the foods you eat, but also the regime. If you spent the whole day drinking green tea, and in the evening ate their fill of fried potatoes with fatty meat, then nothing will. If you have problems with health (any chronic disease), the change in diet should be discussed with your doctor. You don’t sit on any diet in the moments of exacerbation of the disease.

Must limit fast carbohydrates, which contribute to the rapid return of hunger and the set is not muscle mass but fat: candy, sweets, sugar, soda, fries, etc. Therefore, the diet should include more fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes. Fish, meat, dairy products should not be fat. The most important element – fiber: it will help the intestines to work better and be cleaned regularly which has a positive effect on metabolism in General. Consider products for snacking, since a long “hungry” interruptions will lead to the fact that even the low-calorie evening meals will help to lose weight. The body will accumulate a “reserve” and weight gain will occur from the minimum quantity of food eaten.

Proper nutrition + sport = weight loss

A prerequisite for weight loss – physical activity, among the right foods is not enough. One walk you can get a good effect, do not try to just conquer the gym. This can be running, swimming, yoga, dancing, etc. balanced diet and physical activity will help not only to lose weight, but to maintain that weight. Provided that you continue in the same spirit.

Important point – what to eat after a workout or practice. Tips don’t have an hour or two after your workouts will cause the body to slow down the process of digestion of fat. In the first hour after exercise is important to replenish the glycogen stores in the body. It is easy to do with the aid of juice-fresh juice or fruit. Then lipolysis will be timely and the effect of the physical loads is not long to wait. And after an hour and a half can eat.