Men’s leather face: features and rules of nursing

“The beauty of men is the mind, and beauty is a woman’s mind” – suggested by philosophers and, apparently, beauticians. Perhaps, therefore, an infinite number of publications and presentations beauticians devoted to women’s skin. It is considered that beauty is the lot of the fair sex, women who pay attention not to the appearance of a man.

However, it is not so. Despite some men’s shortcomings seduce women (stubble, scars, gray hair, etc.), the face of a strong half of mankind also needs special care. So in fairness, today we will talk about the uniqueness of male skin, which, similar to the female, requires delicate care.

Men’s facial skin: natural differences

In fact, modern ideas handsome men make the stronger sex the majority of daily care for the skin. This process is primarily associated with shaving – that is, with a mechanical action (sometimes with injuries), cleansing and moisturizing.

Cosmetologists say that, in spite of frequent shaving, skin men by nature are more resistant to such transactions, and to the influence of environmental factors – cold, rain, wind, heat. In addition, the elastic and thick male skin is much less inflamed, less prone to dryness, peeling, rash, etc. Experts explain this phenomenon is the high content in male skin collagen and elastin, which, however, make it about 20% rougher compared to the skin of lovely ladies.

The main advantage of the skin of our strong partners in life – she later gets old. But if womens leather fade faster and slowly, men, face old age catches up suddenly (such as after severe stress which men overcome heavier women), and sharply. Another problem faced by most partial to the beauty of men, – the oiliness of the skin. This factor is directly associated with the intensive production of male sex hormone testosterone, a powerful release which stimulates the formation of sebum.
Of course, all these problems can be solved – if desired, and proper care.

Men’s facial skin: care algorithm

Cosmetologists and dermatologists have developed a simple rule pleasant and relaxing skin of the face.

Cleaning. Definitely need to wash twice a day, and in hot weather, when there is heavy sweating and clogged pores, three or more times. It is advisable to wash use cool water – hot and warm water contribute to dullness and aging skin. Because men’s skin is prone to fat, unlike the typical dry female skin, men are allowed to use for washing soap, easily removes dust, dirt, grease. Not prohibited application and cleansing gels for washing. After you can wipe soothing and closing pores cleaned tonics or lotion.

A deep cleansing. Sometimes (not more often 1 time a week) should be the so-called peeling – deep and comprehensive clean. After washing with hygiene on cleansed and slightly damp skin and massage gently apply the scrub is quite rough basics: solid particles remove Horny layer of the skin, giving softness and silkiness. After peeling, which is a complete tonic, men feel the freshness of the skin and easy shaving.

Hydration. Like a pretty lady, men also need a moisturizer – day and night. By the way, according to most beauticians, the spouse may use creams for the skin of his beloved wife, unless, of course, the type they have identical skin (dry, oily, normal). Because the composition and effects of the creams are equally affect female and male skin. If Your skin is prone to dryness, you should choose a cream containing oils, if the fat content without them. In case of problems with the skin will help the herbal remedies for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the skin.

As you can see, the care of men’s skin is not burdensome. It’s important to often pamper your skin with this pleasant and useful procedures what forgetful men should remind their thoughtful second half.


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