Milk and children: peculiarities of use without harm to health

“Drink, kids, milk, be healthy” is a phrase we hear since childhood. And fair she is? How useful for the child’s body is milk, and what you need to know about the use of this product in accordance with age?

What you need to know about milk and children’s bodies?

To lactose, contained in milk, it would normally be absorbed in the body, it must be a special enzyme that is called lactase. In newborns, the level of this enzyme is very high, since breast milk a few months is the only food of the baby. Eventually, when the child grows, the level of lactase decreases and the adult of this enzyme is almost completely gone in the body. So the milk is not digested very well grown body, but dairy products are beneficial for him.

Nature has provided an opportunity for the child to be fed milk. But we are talking about mother’s milk, not cows or goats. A well-known pediatrician Evgeny Komarovsky says that cow or goat milk is not just harmful but dangerous to children in the first year of life. And feed the baby breast milk or adapted milk mixture – much better than the milk of domestic animals. Why is this so?

In breast milk and the mixture has a sufficient amount of vitamin D, which prevents the development of rickets in the baby. From cow’s or goat’s milk, this vitamin is not received in the child’s body, through which the risk of rickets is very high.

Cow’s milk is almost 4 times more calcium than breast and phosphorus, three times. Through this baby’s bones begin to grow much faster than necessary, which adversely affects her health. Besides, due to excessive income into a child’s body phosphorus suffer kidney baby.
Young children often have an intolerance to cow’s protein, which the child’s body regards as alien. Through the activation of the immune system allergic reaction, in this case, neither of which cow’s milk may not be considered.

We must remember that cows and goats, like other Pets, now eat lot of unnatural food: the special food, which usually contain hormones, antibiotics. All this affects the quality of milk, for that young children this product is not recommended.

At what age you can start to introduce milk in children’s diet?

Doctors recommend to start giving the milk to baby when he will be no less as 1 year. It was at this time will Mature her kidneys and will be able to withdraw any excess phosphorus. The body will have to perceive a cow’s protein. However, don’t give your child to drink milk by litres. The kid at the age of 1 year is enough to drink half a glass of milk a day, 2 years – 1 Cup 3 2 cups. After three years of the child’s body perfectly perceives milk, it can be given in the quantities in which it wants.

So, to the milk of domestic animals in childhood must be treated with caution. Children up to one year, it is contraindicated, and at the age of three its use should be limited. As for the children of the first year of life, it is better to feed them breast milk with the timely input of the correct foods. If the possibility of breastfeeding is absent, it is necessary to prefer the adapted dairy mixes.