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Miscarriage: how to identify and resolve the cause?

Reasons why a woman cannot safely carry and give birth to the baby, many. When the long-awaited pregnancy spontaneously aborts, through this difficult. And if it happens more than once or twice? To be alone with his trouble is not necessary, because, despite the seriousness of this problem, it is solved. Thanks to modern methods of diagnostics and experience of experts, many women are able to continue the pregnancy and give birth to a baby.

When diagnosed miscarriage

If a pregnancy is terminated spontaneously two or more times, in this case, the specialist can diagnose habitual miscarriage. However, in early pregnancy, such as 6-8 weeks, often there is a spontaneous miscarriage, and the woman did not even realize I was pregnant. And such cases is from 40 to 80%, in the end, the woman may think that she’s barren.

About miscarriage say if the pregnancy spontaneously in the period from conception to 37 weeks of pregnancy (the first week of the ninth month). If the pregnancy is spontaneously terminated during the period from conception to 22 weeks (about is 4-4,5 months pregnant), in this case there is a spontaneous abortion – a miscarriage. And spontaneous abortion in the third trimester, i.e. from the 7th month of pregnancy, is regarded as a premature birth.

Why a woman cannot bear a child

Pregnancy may be interrupted independently for a number of reasons: it can be genital infections, developmental abnormalities in the fetus, fibroids and other lesions in the uterus, endocrine diseases, in particular diabetes. An important factor causing miscarriages is stress, immunological disorders, poor environment, professional activity in harmful conditions, etc. Also cause of miscarriage can be hormone imbalances, severe forms of toxemia of pregnancy, placental insufficiency, etc.

To solve the problem of abortion, we need a diagnosis?

As you can see, the reasons that do not allow a woman to safely carry and give birth to the baby, multifactorial and often miscarriages, and this leads to a number of factors. To be surveyed it is important to not only the woman but also her husband (partner), since sexual infections or hereditary factor (genetic diseases that generate abnormalities of the fetus, etc.) men make a baby fails the woman, problems with reproductive health which has no. Diagnosis and treatment aimed at the prevention of miscarriages, should be carried out before the woman became pregnant. But if the pregnancy and had already been cases of spontaneous interruption, it is important to become on the account in female consultation and to start diagnostics to keep a pregnancy.

In addition to diagnosis and treatment (the detection) of inflammatory and infectious diseases, it is important to know the features of menstrual and reproductive functions, ovarian, as well as pass a number of important instrumental examinations of the female reproductive system: ultrasound, salpingography and laparoscopy (if necessary) of the uterus, etc. to Choose the clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of miscarriage will help the public register of medical institutions of Ukraine: if the self is to make choices difficult for You, then please contact us for free assistance to our consultants.