Dietology and nutrition

Natural food or macrobiotic diet say dieticians

A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet are becoming increasingly popular. One of the ways to eat properly and to maintain your health – the so-called macrobiotic diet. Some people think that this is one of the quick ways to lose weight, but macrobiotic diet is not just a way to get rid of extra pounds, it is a whole way of life. The basis of this diet – eating mostly of vegetable origin, fish and especially meat dishes with this way of eating allowed in small quantities.

More natural foods – the meaning of the macrobiotic diet

In Greek, “macrobiotic” means “long, amazing life.” The power of this type came to us from Eastern philosophies where the important physiological sensations from the food, but also spiritual and emotional state. Modern nutritionists say that the macrobiotic diet is a modified form of the vegetarian diet.

Proponents of the macrobiotic diet try to eat natural products purchased in a special “eco-stores” that are grown on their own and so on, or to eat vegetables, fruits and other products that are less exposed to various treatments. This food helps to regulate your weight, prevents the development of cancer and several chronic diseases.

The basic principles of macrobiotic nutrition

Macrobiotic food is cooking natural food mainly baked, boiled or steamed. The menu is based on cereals, particularly popular brown rice, vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts. Of meat products allowed fish dishes, especially popular soups of fish. Followers of this diet avoid foods that contain preservatives or have passed strong heat treatment – roasting, Smoking, etc.

When macrobiotic diet excludes fatty meat, milk, potatoes, chocolate, food from refined flour, hot spices, preservation. Also not used sugar, alcohol, coffee.

What nutritionists think about the macrobiotic diet

This type of diet became very popular in the United States, studies of the effect of macrobiotic diet on the human body engaged of the American dietetic Association (ADA). Nutritionists have pointed out the benefits of this food for different age categories of the population, including pregnant women and adolescents. However, having made the decision to eat according to this scheme, be sure to consult with a dietician to take into account the health status and individual characteristics of the organism and carefully plan your diet. Otherwise. According to experts, the AMA, such a diet may result in nutritional deficiency.

The advantages of the macrobiotic diet is that a diet rich in phytoestrogens and these compounds reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Foods that are allowed in macrobiotic nutrition, contain lots of fiber and low in fat. However, with this method of power may need additional intake of b vitamins, iron, calcium. It is also important not to create shortage of protein. Macrobiotic diet changing not only diet but also lifestyle. So go to this type of food need step by step, gradually adding to their menu unprocessed foods, grains, etc.