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Modern cosmetology has a powerful Arsenal to combat aging of the skin. One of the most popular methods to eliminate wrinkles are Botox injections – (botulinum toxin type a), which is used in medicine and cosmetology for more than 30 years to block the muscles responsible for facial expressions. Let’s face it, when it will be more effective than Botox, do all you can to get rid of wrinkles in such a way, etc.

Botox: the history of the world experience of rejuvenation

Facial wrinkles are of two types:

  • Static, which are formed by the loss of skin elasticity. They are usually formed in the lower face;
  • Dynamic, which are the result of muscle activity (facial expressions): these are horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, the nose, the eyes (crow’s feet).

In most cases a lot of trouble to deliver it to dynamic wrinkles, get rid of that usual homemade masks and creams almost impossible. To eliminate dynamic wrinkles effectively utilize the injection of Botox (made in USA) and Dysport – the European equivalent of Botox production, France.

The use of botulinum toxin in medicine was started in 1989 after the decision about the FDA to permit the use culinum (predecessor of Botox) in ophthalmology. Although the botulinum toxin type A, the scientists got back in 1946, since the drug passes various tests and clinical trials. In 2002 the FDA (U.S. Federal administration for quality supervision of food and drug) approves the use of funds on the basis of botulinum toxin type A in cosmetics. Botox and Dysport is not a surgical procedure.

How is the procedure of rejuvenating Botox
The procedure is as microinjections of Botox directly into the facial muscles that are responsible for formation of mimic wrinkles. As a result, already after one procedure you can get rested, fresh and young face. The effect of a single injection of the drug develops within 3-14 days and last from 3 to 9 months (depending on the area of administration and type of drug).

It is important to carefully choose the right clinic, trust only competent professionals and not rush in the pursuit of rapid effect, comply with all recommendations of the doctor after the procedure. If the specialist says you need to re-correction, it is not onachaet incompetence of the expert, on the contrary it is evidence of his conscientious attitude and care. Since the correction of wrinkles in stages allows to avoid the effect of the lack of facial expressions, producing a “mask-like” face, this “side effect” many women complain after Botox injections.

Who should not use Botox

Contraindicated administration of botulinum toxin type A if:

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • cancer
  • diseases of the blood
  • diabetes and other hronicheskih diseases in decompensation;
  • acute inflammatory conditions accompanied by increased body temperature
  • skin diseases in the area of procedures
  • allergic reactions to components of the drug
  • tendency to form keloids.

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