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Pregnancy after 40: pros and cons

Modern medicine has stepped far forward: late pregnancy and birth have ceased to be so risky. The progressive development of society, modern methods of diagnosis and safe childbirth gives a woman the opportunity to approach pregnancy and childbirth at a later age. But no matter how far ahead it is not stepped medicine, certain health risks for women and unborn baby is still there.

What are the risks of pregnancy in 40+

From a medical point of view, late delivery are considered as the first pregnancy and birth in women after 35 years. So if you initially want to become a mother not earlier than 35-40 years, and even older, you should be more careful about their health. Women 40-45 years harder to conceive than 25-30, make a baby, also increases with age the risk of development of fetal abnormalities, childbirth occur more complicated (many late mothers generally recommend a cesarean section). This does not mean that to become a mother at 40+ categorically dangerous and should abandon such thoughts. You need to pre-weigh the risks and take responsibility for their pregnancy and upcoming birth.

So, if conception did not have problems (many women after 40 problem to conceive a child is quite common), then the following figure – to successfully carry pregnancies. To adulthood worsens the condition of the uterus, accumulate chromosomal defects, increased risk of miscarriage. Therefore, it is important to pregnancy in 40+ proceeded under the supervision of a physician, expectant mother is not tired, rested, ate efficiently, attended special exercises under the supervision of an instructor etc.

Shortness of breath, swelling, “jumps” blood pressure – not a complete list of “amenities” that accompany late pregnancy. It is therefore important that the woman was not overweight – this makes the pregnancy even more difficult. The chances of a successful late pregnancy significantly reduces the systematic non-Smoking women, and regular consumption of alcohol (even if it was before conception).

The advantages of pregnancy at 40 years: the psychological and physical factors

If pregnancy and childbirth after 40 years (especially the first), sunshinewe as an adult and more vitally experienced a more responsible choice as to their health and to the baby. In older parents already have wealth, they can give the child more than young parents who do not have their own housing, work, etc. As noted by psychologists – the older the parents, the smarter their children: “late” the kids often outperform their peers in development.

Besides, a woman’s body is rejuvenated because of age 40 and older included in the hidden reserves of the female body. If late pregnancy is without complications and no references to caesarean section, natural childbirth will also contribute to a rapid recovery of the body, hormonal alterations and the woman is like “a second wind”.

It is important to pass all the examinations and not to ignore the advice of a doctor

In addition to the standard screening tests for all pregnant women, in women in the 40+ Ob-GYN may recommend additional tests. Fetal ultrasound is standard is carried out three times: the first survey will help to eliminate (or confirm) the pathology of down syndrome. But panic is not necessary, though this pathology and is associated with age, the true cause of this genetic disorder to be investigated and not detected.

Also at 15-18 weeks of pregnancy seems to blood for alpha-fetoprotein: this test helps to calculate the individual risk of development of abnormalities in the unborn baby. Tests involving the taking of samples for analysis with penetration into the uterus (invasive) can be assigned only when the need arose, according to testimony and on the recommendation of a physician.