Proper foot care in winter

Feet carry the load of our body and measure steps, miles of our varied life. Just imagine, the day women do 6000-8000 steps. In the morning, after shopping in the evening to visit… during the life of the fair sex manage a few times around the globe! Shod with the shoes on high heels. Well, the beauty demands victims, but not only. The condition of the feet depends on the ease of gait, a slim figure, good posture, performance and health. So our feet need tender care and concern. First and foremost, you need to pay attention to the shoes.

In Europe ladies long abandoned shoes on high heels in daily life, leaving them a nice opportunity to decorate the feet in the festive evening. But you can not go to extremes. Enough to buy a few elegant Shoe. It is necessary though sometimes to give the feet rest. Equally important is the hygiene. Daily feet need warm water, mild soap and a gentle cream. Especially important care during the cold months of the year. Because constantly being in closed shoes, the skin does not get enough oxygen, it dries and coarsens. If once a week to pamper feet with mask and massage, they respond to you harmony, beauty and absence of varicose veins.

Where to start?

All procedures associated with the legs, start with a bath. Water can improve blood circulation, improve muscle tone and relieve swelling.

If your feet are tired of closed shoes and excessive walking, take a contrast bath. Alternately immerse feet for a few minutes in hot water, then for 15 seconds – in the cold. Procedure will take only 20 minutes. Then wipe your feet dry. Secure pleasant feeling of a light massage, moving from the toes to the ankle. In the end, apply on skin moisturizer. And don’t forget to relax. Take baths once or twice a week.

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Milk, lemon and brush

Every day the feet are subjected to heavy loads. Have corns and plantar callosities. Skin cells are covered by a Horny layer and crushed the nerve endings, in the end there pain. To avoid this, the feet need a good exfoliating. It will help the milk and lemon.

Milk makes the skin. Fill the tub with warm water and a glass of milk for a few minutes and put in her legs. Then thoroughly RUB the heel of the halves of lemon. Rinse feet. If the skin is coarse, it is better to use a pumice stone or brush. Then in the tub, you must add soap.

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Following the above recommendations for foot care in winter, You will not have with the advent of heat to urgently put himself in order. It is also important to note that winter time of the year that require a special diet, which will affect the health of the feet. Therefore, enrich the diet with vitamins A and E, and also try to eat vegetables and fruits.


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