Dietology and nutrition

Proper nutrition and diet: what’s the difference?

Many people confuse healthy eating with diet that helps to lose weight. However, proper nutrition (PP) or as they say nutritionists, personal power system, does not limit in food, not make you starve, in contrast to diets for quick weight loss. PP is a system of balanced and nutritious diet that excludes or minimizes the use of harmful products. As a result, those who eat correctly constantly, get rid of the excess weight and keep a toned body without any dieting.

Why is it important to eat right

PP if the body is not deprived of essential nutrients – vitamins, trace elements, minerals, amino acids, etc.; as well as the main components of food – fats, proteins and carbohydrates. At that time, how many diets implies a strong limitation in those or other products. The diet is developed by power system: the number of calories equal to the amount of energy used, some products might be limited. Any diet should be held under the supervision of a physician and is a serious burden for the organism. With PP there is no hard limit, of course, it is important to follow the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates from food (average 1:1:4).

Good nutrition is especially important for children: full development of the growing organism, its resistance to infections and various negative external and internal factors depends on what a child eats. Equally PP is important for adolescents and adults, and the elderly. Promiscuity in the food passes to the body without a trace: without control of the absorbed sweets, fast food, salt, foods with preservatives (especially sausage, canned food, semi-finished products) lead not only to excess weight, as well as to the development of diseases of heart, liver, Oncology, etc.

Eat right – it’s not expensive

Some think rationally and eat right they can not afford. But PP does not imply the use of exotic fruits, only red caviar or expensive shellfish. Compare the cost of a kilogram of sausage or Bologna that you used to eat ravioli, frozen meatballs with the same amount of chicken, Turkey, fish. Try it instead of pasta and potatoes to include in the diet buckwheat, oatmeal, lentils, etc.

Now on the shelves of the store and the markets already appear ground vegetables, herbs and their cost every day less and less. Fruits, dairy products, whole grains in the diet will help you to further save on expensive drugs, which you treat earned on the wrong diet the disease. And, of course, no matter how rational was not used to the food, it is important not to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Use every opportunity for physical activity, refusal of Elevator, Hiking, Biking, etc.

The simple rules of a balanced diet

First try to eliminate from the daily diet of bread, fast food, chips, fizzy drinks, etc. healthy fats are contained in vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, and slow carbohydrates in cereals, whole grain bread. Love the pasta – then try to switch to products made from durum wheat. Also an important factor PP – fresh food, cook at times, a maximum of two, not a pot of borscht for a week.

It is difficult to find the time? Yeah, well, defrosting small portions of chicken or veal and bake in the oven will take much less time than some of us spend on social networks. Try to eat small portions (200 -300 g), and in the evening do not eat fatty foods. To eat easy to eat nutritionists suggest no later than 2 hours before bedtime.