Dietology and nutrition

Protein foods: the healthy foods that contain proteins

About protein diet and protein diet there are many opinions. But the importance of protein for the human body nutritionists said and will say. The easiest way to replenish protein in the body is to eat foods of animal origin, as they are in large quantities they contain the necessary collagen, elastin, hemoglobin and myoglobin – the most important oxygen-binding protein of skeletal muscles and heart muscles. We won’t agitate vegetarians become meat eaters, and just analyze the benefits of protein foods of animal and vegetable origin and, on the contrary – who do not sit on a high protein diet.

What foods contain proteins and the role of proteins

Without protein the human body will not be able to work proteins carry out the construction, safety, transportation, nutritional and other functions. For example, collagen is the main structural component of connective tissue, keratin hair, skin and nails, elastin vessels. The main “vehicle” of oxygen is the blood protein hemoglobin. In the synthesis of other proteins in the body with fatty compounds, hormones, vitamins, etc. ensures the delivery of vital substances to the organs and tissues. Through the synthesis of specific proteins – antibodies works protective function of the body from microorganisms, viruses, toxins, etc. Without protein is impossible to complete the work and development of the nervous system, the formation of thinking abilities, regulation of response to external stimuli, etc.

High-protein food products are mainly animal origin. Protein rich meat, poultry, fish. In meat products a lot of myoglobin, hemoglobin, collagen and elastin. Also rich in proteins dairy products – cheese, cottage cheese, eggs. Moreover, egg yolk contains more protein than a protein. From products of vegetable origin many of the proteins found in legumes – soy, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, proteins quite a lot of bread, pasta and cereals.

Why is it important to eat proteins both animal and vegetable origin

Nutritionists say that eating right is not indispensable use of proteins of animal origin only, and in balanced use of various proteins of any origin. Because only animal or only plant foods creates a deficiency of certain essential amino acids. High-quality proteins, which contain a large number of essential amino acids, rich in protein food that is of animal origin.

Therefore, doctors recommend to consume a certain amount of animal protein and completely abandon the “animal” food. For example, protein methionine in many cereals, but little in the milk, and lysine on the contrary – in many dairy products, but low in cereals. So the nutritionists say on mixed diet: roughly speaking, the macaroni plus cheese or eggs plus bread, meat, plus cereal, etc.

What is a protein diet and for whom it is contraindicated

Popularity in weight loss acquired high-protein diet. Plus, this protein food is effective weight loss in the absence of hunger. For weight loss nutritionists recommend to use lean meat and fish, cheese, cottage cheese, eggs.

However, long-term eat only protein foods harmful, because such a diet does not have enough healthy carbs and fats. Protein diet is not recommended for those with kidney disease, digestive system, heart and blood vessels elderly people. So before you get on a high protein diet, you should consult with specialists and do not forget that to lose weight thus without any damage to the body can be no more than one year and not longer than 2 weeks.