Psychologists advise: how to enter into a working rhythm after the holidays

New year’s holidays behind, and tune in a working mood does not work? We rested a lot, ate delicious food and drank alcohol, of course, after this relaxation to think about, and do not want. However, customers already expect from us “combat” readiness reports require filling and the authorities noticeably nervous. How to pull yourself together? Let us heed the advice of psychologists.

How to set the brain to work

Psychologists point out that an aversion to work after the holiday, especially if it was delayed, in our days is not uncommon. The excessive employment and the desire not to lose the place to make people in General less likely to take vacation, so the new year holidays unsettles them. So, work tomorrow, and your imagination still draws fireworks or salad? Psychologists suggest to take a pen and paper and try to “start” your brain with the following tasks: to play a game writer/journalist. Namely: to come up to your article title, make a plan of what you write, fill in each item, gathering information, proofread and edit, find artwork, photos, videos, etc.

Of course after the Christmas holidays to write and think doesn’t want to. It is important to make the plan itself, but not necessarily execute it step by step. Fill the points of the plan – not an attractive part of the job, but to search the Internet for interesting videos or look at my own photos quite a pleasant experience. What happens to our brain: it starts to “wobble” tuning in work as well as from the more simple and pleasant task to move to a more complex job.

The morning came: back office, what to do?

The alarm goes off, you force yourself to get up, take a shower, well if you are able to “push” the Breakfast… Then you come to work and fall into a stupor. To start the process will help a few simple techniques:

  • The plan for the day. In fact, it should be done the night before. But after the holidays this option is most often impossible, so pull yourself together and literally describe what your tasks for today as they will take time and that it is important to do first
  • Find a motivational video: this may be the movie in English (along with practice), a short training from any attractive successful man in the end – loved the video with the rhythmic music that can lift your morale
  • Yes, coffee and tea, No energy drinks. Physiological condition and basic lack of sleep also make it difficult to concentrate and start working. Therefore, strong tea or coffee to help you Wake up, but you can take energy drinks and harm, and they suffered from the holiday feasts and alcohol liver, doctors do not advise
  • Drink clean water and change activity. Finished writing the report or the customer was served? Drink a glass of clean water, walk around, mash’s neck and blinked my eyes.

How to cope with the challenges

If you have to perform a difficult job or task that makes you discouraged, try to inhale/exhale and do the following. First remove all distractions: turn the phone into silent mode, clear the table bright things, put on ear specialist, if possible. If start does not work, then get a 1 minute timer.

Think about anything until you ring the alarm: as soon as I heard the signal to get to work. The reward for your work will be the relief you will feel after completing a difficult task. Also you can immediately think of a small reward (a break for tea, listen to a favorite song, etc.) and get it immediately after doing the work.