Psychosomatics or habit: why people bite their nails?

If the nail biting child, it is unpleasant, but quite familiar. Often to wean the baby from this habit can be, and it will forever remain in childhood. However, there are cases when the nails biting an adult, and does it systematically, sometimes throughout life. Why this problem occurs,is it purely out of habit, or the reason lies in psychology?

What makes people bite nails?

The reasons for this are several. Chief among them are the following:

  • Stress. Psychologists say that biting nails is nothing but the manifestation of chronic stress, when a person is so relaxed. Some studies show that most people bite their nails during difficult situations at work and while shopping, care for children or parents, for reflection on the difficult economic and political situation in the country or the world.
  • The oppression of desire. There are nanomeditsina the theory that people bite nails when they are experiencing sexual attraction to someone but are not able to realize it here and now.
  • A bad example in the family. People widely believed that the habit of nail biting is hereditary and if the parents did, and their children will, and influence is impossible. Actually, that’s not quite true: kids do bite my nails more often in families where the adults do, but not through heredity, but because parents or other adults are an example for them, and all the children repeat them. So to do this when their offspring is categorically impossible.
  • Hidden aggression. Some psychologists are of the opinion that the man who bites his nails, is experiencing bouts of aggression, and not to direct at others, focus on yourself. She seems so suppresses your anger, destructive desires.
  • The fragility of the nail plate. Some people have nails so brittle and fragile that does not grow to normal length. They have to constantly trim, and sometimes to gnaw, when at hand, no scissors. Over time, it becomes a habit.

How to unlearn biting his nails?

Antiquated methods of overcoming this habit is simple: smear your nails with something bitter or tasteless, deny doing it, to punish for disobedience. However, they are only children and very partially, as evidenced by the large number of adults with this habit. Child and then an adult, begins the nail-biting secretly, but do not cease.

Psychologists say that in order to get rid of harmful habits, you should understand its cause. So the best option is to visit psychotherapy, which may help. And, of course, without discipline and self-control can not do.

It should be remembered that under the fingernails accumulates a large number of bacteria and harmful microorganisms that enter the body during gryzenia and can cause various diseases.

For girls on women to overcome the problem will help the nail.

If the cause of gryzenia in a bad condition of nails, they need to treat, strengthen: take special drugs that contain calcium, vitamin complexes. Can also help the salt baths: they make nails more durable, and salty, and biting them is not good to eat.

If nail biting is just a habit, to get rid of it with an effort of will. Provided also that the man does this through certain mental problem, treatment will be more lengthy and complex. Then without professional help to stop nail biting will be extremely difficult. First of all you must understand yourself, your fears, chronic stress, and to get to the root of the problem. After all, the most effectively treat the cause of disease, not its consequences.