Reduced potency: how to regain virility?

One of the most important and delicate men’s problems is the reduction of potency. The fact that man perceives acute, painful, afraid to admit to myself and hoped that all will recover by itself. Sexual dysfunction in men may occur under the influence of a number of factors – from stress to sexual transferred genital infections. In any case, sexual dysfunction require medical attention, identify the true causes of the reduced potency and eliminate this cause.

Why reduced libido, up to impotence?

“Рotentia” translated from Latin means “strength”. In the case of male potency refers to the ability to commit a man intercourse in healthy men this ability persists into old age. Increasingly, however, men aged 40 to 60 years of age experiencing problems with potency, libido and directly with sexual erection. Reduced potency may be suspected by the following symptoms:

  • The absence and/or reduction of interest in sex
  • Weak erection or its absence – in the morning, or during foreplay
  • Loss of erection during sex.

Erectile dysfunction and the disappearance of libido – libido is in most cases caused by multiple factors. Often potency is reduced when an irregular sexual life, especially aged 30 years and older. Doctors have long proved that abstinence improves potency, but just the opposite. Regular sex not only contributes to good erection, but also improves the quality and increases sperm count. Also erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, impotence may develop on the background:

  • Chronic diseases of the genital organs of men such as prostatitis, BPH, urethritis, etc.
  • Sexual infections are transmitted during unprotected sex ( some men might not guess, since they occur in hidden ways)
  • Stress, conflict, prealablement, sleep problems, etc.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption and Smoking
  • Hormonal disorders, diseases of the heart and blood vessels
  • Sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, malnutrition. Men who are overweight, the libido often weakened
  • Congenital abnormalities of the penis.

Also to the weakening of libido and impotence can result in steroid drugs that are often keen athletes and bodybuilders, as well as the incompatibility between sexual partners.

How to treat sexual disorders

At the first symptoms of erectile dysfunction, or suspected urological (venereal) disease, it is important to seek urologist or andrologist, not to self-medicate. The solution starts with a diagnosis, then the doctor selects the right treatment of genital disorders.

Specialist it is important to understand what psychological state is male, does he have relationship issues with a partner (or if there is any) and health in General. Depending on the reasons for sexual disorders and the severity of the condition, are using medication (pills and/or injections of drugs into the urethra), psychotherapy, surgery, until prosthetic penis.

What kind of examination can be prescribed by a doctor

For the diagnosis of sexual dysfunctions used laboratory tests – blood and urine tests, blood tests for hormones; instrumental diagnostics – ultrasound of the pelvic organs, the test for determining nocturnal erections, etc. Modern and safe methods of treatment reduce the potency quite a lot, and only a specialist will help you to choose the most effective.