Sensation of dryness in the mouth and the eyes – signs of Sjogren’s syndrome

Dry mouth and the so-called dry eye syndrome is a sign of many illnesses, but if these symptoms are observed in the complex and are chronic in nature, it is quite possible that the person suffering from Sjogren’s syndrome. What is this disease and how to treat it?

Sjogren’s syndrome or dry syndrome is a disease characterized by dryness of the eyes and mucous membranes of the mouth, combined with some autoimmune disease. The most common companion of Sjogren’s syndrome is inflammation of the joints that has automundo nature.

How and why did develops Sjogren’s syndrome?

For the first time, dry syndrome, were investigated and described ophthalmologist Sjogren’s that is why the disease bears his name. It turned out that the combination of symptoms of dry eye and xerostomia (dry mouth) is a fairly common phenomenon, which requires specific therapy. 90% of patients with Sjogren’s syndrome – year-old woman.

The reasons for the development of the disease doctors and scientists do not yet know. It is believed that it occurs in certain autoimmune factors, a genetic predisposition to the disease. Under the influence of yet unknown factors in the body fails, due to which the immune system attacks the salivary and lacrimal glands, and sometimes the joints. In addition, the lesions can be cancer of the bronchi, digestive system and genital organs.

The body attacks both large and small gland, the end result is the glandular tissue atrophies and is replaced by connective.

Symptoms of Sjogren’s syndrome

The main signs of dry syndrome only three:

  • Xerostomia – dry mouth.
  • Xerophthalmia – dry eyes, dry eye syndrome.
  • Joint inflammation of a chronic nature.

While xerostomia is a required symptom in the development of Sjogren’s syndrome. At first, dryness of the mouth occurs occasionally, and then, with the development of the disease is continuously increasing during a call or under the influence of excitement. It is also possible burning sensation in mouth, pain in mouth, difficulty while swallowing food. The voice may become husky, a man can torment a sudden caries, which is growing very rapidly.

Dry eyes is not all, but in the majority of patients Sjogren’s syndrome. Man complains of redness, pain of a cutting character in the eyes, the eyes like sand, they get tired quickly. The eyelids swell and itch.

Another optional but common manifestation of Sjogren’s syndrome – pain in the joints. Usually the defeat exposed knee or elbow joints, interphalangeal joints in the hands.

Other possible symptoms of Sjogren’s syndrome include:

  • Dryness and peeling of the skin.
  • The increase and swelling of the submandibular and parotid salivary glands.
  • Inflammation of the parotid gland – mumps.
  • The purulent secretion from the salivary ducts.
  • The increase in body temperature.
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the area of inflammation.
  • Dryness in the vaginal area, burning sensation in her pain during intercourse.

How to deal with the consequences of dry?

To diagnose this disease is not easy, with the first complaints should be addressed to the therapist, who will give direction to specialists. Usually Sjogren’s syndrome cures rheumatologist, you may need the advice of a dentist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, gynecologist, neurologist, dermatologist, etc., depending on lesions of certain organs and glands.

The treatment is comprehensive: aimed at addressing the symptoms of the disease and therapy background of autoimmune disease, which provokes a dry syndrome.

Sjogren’s syndrome can have many negative health effects. We are talking about the defeat of the internal organs, there are dry bronchitis, pneumonia, epistaxis, otitis, inflammation of the genital organs. In order to effectively treat the disease, it is necessary to determine which autoimmune disease it provokes. Without fixing the cause of dry mouth and eyes can be treated for a long time and to no avail.