Severe pain in the ear: complications and prevention of otitis media

The prolonged winter weather contributes to inflammatory processes, including in the ears. Human ear has three sections: inner, middle and outer ear. However, inflammation – otitis – most often occurs in the middle ear due to its anatomical structure. Otitis media can cause serious complications, so it is important to know the measures of prevention of this disease.

Why is otitis media and how the disease manifests itself

Otitis media often develops on the background of ARVI, tonsillitis, sinusitis and other ENT diseases. The Eustachian tubes, located inside the ear and connects the throat with the middle ear have also been subjected to the inflammatory process. Cold weather and hypothermia also contribute to the development of otitis media, when the body’s defenses are lowered because of vitamin deficiency, short daylight hours etc. In the end, in the middle ear begins to accumulate fluid, which contributes to the further growth of bacteria.

Otitis media can be acute or chronic. Acute otitis media may begin with shooting pains in the ear. Also for otitis deteriorating hearing, increased body temperature, appetite, a feeling of weakness and malaise. Otitis media by itself will not work, folk remedies will not cure him. Therefore, the treatment Laura is not only a sharp pain in the ear, but long term nasal congestion (over 10 days), feeling of stupor, ringing in the ears.

How dangerous is otitis media and what can be complications

If otitis media is not a cure, the disease passes into the purulent form. Gradually, the pus accumulates in the middle ear presses on the eardrum. The pain is getting stronger, gives to the temple. It often happens that purulent contents breaks through the eardrum: here a person makes a major mistake and does not go to the doctor because there comes relief. However, the germs. Caused by the disease, did not disappear, the inflammatory process continues and the disease may be complicated by:

  • The mastoiditis and labyrinthitis – inflammation of the mastoid process of the ear and enters the ear of a purulent content in the cochlea.
  • The development of hearing loss until deafness
  • Paresis of the facial nerve, becomes when fully immobilized half face
  • Meningitis – inflammation of the membranes of the brain.

How to avoid otitis media: prevention

As already mentioned, to prescribe treatment for otitis media needs a doctor. It is impossible to warm the ear, so the condition is still more aggravated. Heat treatments can be assigned only after the elimination of the acute process, if the purulent otitis media and content on their own are not released, they puncture the ear drum (paracentesis). Also apply ear drops, antibacterial therapy. To avoid otitis media, it is important to correct hypothermia, and to treat respiratory diseases, especially to prevent the development of sinusitis – sinusitis etc.

If you have a cold, it is important to prevent thickening of mucus, the contents of the sinuses should not accumulate in them, and easy to move. Also, it is crucial to treat others zabolevaniya not to miss the inflammatory process in the body: infection in the ear can get through the blood. Parents of small children should to consult a pediatrician, how to dribble and wash the baby’s nose. Often the procedure of nasal lavage incorrectly attributed to the ingress of infection from the sinuses to the ear. Also ensure that water does not leak in the ears, especially in the summer when bathing in reservoirs.