Severe pain in the stomach: or intestinal colic

A sharp gripping pain in the stomach often bothers the lovers of junk food. However, whether overeating and other errors in diet cause severe pain spastic character, which in medicine is called colic? Doctors say that intestinal colic may be caused not only neglect your diet, as well as infections, poisoning, stress, chronic diseases. We have periods of mass holiday feasts, so let’s find out why it may occur with intestinal colic, what to do in such a case and how to avoid such conditions.

What reasons can cause intestinal colic

Not to notice intestinal Kulik impossible: the pain is in most cases a sharp, localized pain syndrome it can in different parts of the abdomen, thus giving the coccyx, groin, lower back (pain of spastic character). Often, intestinal colic accompanied by bloating, gas, nausea and vomiting, can quickly pass and then repeatedly to occur again. Cramps concerned mainly people with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tact (gastritis, peptic ulcer disease).

To spasms in the gut may result in overeating, cold food, dry food, fatty, smoked and fried food, fermentation products. Poorly digested food enters the small intestine and causes it to spasserovannye. In addition to problems with the digestive system and poor diet, cause of intestinal colic can be:

  • Poisoning and intoxication. It can be as defective products, poisoning by drugs or chemical toxins
  • Intestinal infectious diseases
  • A stressful situation
  • Parasites (worm infestation)
  • Intestinal obstruction, the cause of which may be a violation of the motility (movements and contractions) of the intestine, the accumulation of feces in constipation, tumors and adhesions. Such colic is life threatening and requires immediate hospitalization.

First aid for intestinal colic

If intestinal colic is caused by overeating or other eating disorders, it will go on their own. If people change their attitude to food, will start eating healthy, not overeating, etc., and colic will not be disturbed. Suspected intestinal obstruction requires an emergency ambulance, and the remaining cases when the colic went alone, but before the person was bothered by disorders of stool (constipation and diarrhea), flatulence and bloating, fatigue, deterioration of health, etc. require a diagnosis and examination by a gastroenterologist.

In intestinal colic if the condition is not acute, relieve spasms will help antispasmodic. If you suspect a poisoning or food infection and no vomiting, it will help the adsorbent (activated carbon), with vomiting – gastric lavage (use warm water). Generally doctors strongly recommend for any type of intestinal colic is to seek medical help: the dispatcher “fast” to find out in detail all the symptoms, give advice and direct the injured brigade or the ambulance or emergency room.

It is important to follow a diet and doctor’s recommendation

Apart from drug therapy, to improve the condition use the herbal treatment and diet. Intestinal obstruction may require surgical intervention. It is important, in addition to correcting the root cause of intestinal colic, the diet: no fatty, spicy and fried foods, pickles and marinades, muffins, beans, soda, etc., i.e. anything that can cause irritation of the stomach, intestines, lead to delayed digestion and flatulence.

Try to give up bad habits, move more (it improves bowel) to follow the rules of personal hygiene and heat treatment of food, not to use expired products, etc. to avoid intestinal colic.