Sickly child: to treat or itself will grow?

There are children who get sick 5-6 times a year, regardless of season and weather. Only coped with a runny nose – inflamed ear, then again red’s throat, then the throat was cured, but returned coughing… Introducing the situation? It’s especially annoying when the child is sick in the summer: it’s time for walks in the fresh air, he sneezes and coughs. But not always frequent illness of the child depend on the characteristics of his body: in many cases, to blame the parents without knowing it.

A weak immune system often provoke the conditions in which he lives

Modern traditional and alternative medicine offers many tools for strengthening the immune system. If the child is constantly sick, tired parents in most cases hear from “knowledgeable” grandmothers, girlfriends and co-workers that the child has poor immunity and it is necessary urgently to treat. However, congenital disorders of the immune system – the problem is very rare.

If the baby is really a primary immunodeficiency, simply frequent respiratory viral infections, this condition ends. In this pathology, any respiratory disease of viral nature is complicated by bacterial infection, with severe and difficult to treat. And nothing to do with a long runny nose or cough does not. Unfortunately, many parents are not satisfied with the recommendation of pediatricians to the child’s temper, spend more time with him in the fresh air, feed him according to age.

Parents tend to seek out the children are not existing illness, to be led by “experienced” friends or neighbors and experience the child almost the entire Arsenal of medicines. Because the modern pharmaceutical industry every day offers something new. But before you give the child many medications, think. The conditions in which he lives. Because of frequent respiratory diseases in most cases are a consequence of secondary immunodeficiency kid. That is, he begins to get sick often because his immune system is inhibited by various factors.

Factors that weaken the immune system of the child

Frequent respiratory diseases in children can be caused by:

  • poor environmental conditions
  • unbalanced diet
  • deficiency of vitamins and minerals
  • foci of chronic infection – sinusitis, carissimi teeth, tonsillitis, etc.
  • the poor performance of the intestine, which contribute to frequent constipation
  • allergies to food, house dust, pollen, etc.
  • disorders of the urinary system.

So before you start to give the child Immunostimulants, or other drugs, you should carefully examine the baby.

How to help the ailing child to be healthy

If no abnormalities in the baby’s body is not found, then strengthen the baby’s immunity and make it more resistant to viruses and microorganisms can change the usual way of life of the family, adjusting the nutrition and starting the child’s temper:

  • pay attention to the diet of the child. If the pediatrician painted diet, then stick to it. If the child is thirsty, the best drink for it is pure mineral water without gas, juice, juice, fruit tea, not sweet drinks, packaged juices or Cola. The same is with food: avoid foods containing dyes and preservatives. Do not give your child sweets, they can be replaced with raisins, dried apricots, honey. Especially don’t let fast food, chips, etc.
  • discard carpets, soft toys and other “storage dust” in the house. Daily do wet cleaning, especially in your baby’s room, do not use strong smelling soap, shampoo, polishes, paints, deodorants, air fresheners, etc. especially don’t smoke in the house or apartment
  • it is important to the child’s temper is and contrast water procedures, walks in the fresh air and walking barefoot in the warm time of the year. The intensity and the mode of tempering will help you choose your pediatrician
  • do not neglect preventive examinations revealed dental caries, chronic tonsillitis, etc. should be treated
  • do not neglect such effective methods as physical therapy, physiotherapy, massage
  • if the child is prone to allergies, consult an allergist. If in a family there are quarrels and disagreements on the basis of frequent illnesses of the child, then deal with the situation will help the psychologist.