Healthy lifestyle

Skiing: health benefits and possible contraindications

Healthy lifestyle – is the key to fitness and well-being. But in winter to keep it a little more difficult because of cold weather, specific weather conditions. A great way to keep your body in good shape – ski. This is useful as downhill and cross country skiing. Why are recommended to engage in skiing? Are there any contraindications to skiing?

Ski: health benefits

Skiing strengthens joints and muscles in the feet, the hands, the waist, the press. The load is evenly distributed throughout the body, positively affecting the overall health of the skier. For skiing required slopes or hills, cross-country ski snow covered need more or less flat surface. The first type of skiing is more spectacular, fast, it provokes excretion of adrenaline and requires strict adherence to all safety regulations. Cross-country skiing often just walk, but this activity is extremely beneficial for health, because trains physical endurance, strengthens muscles, is an excellent fitness. Add to this the breathing fresh mountain or forest air and you will understand how useful ski. 

Thus, the benefits of skiing include:

  1. Strengthening immunity. Regular practice skiing in the cold open air – a wonderful procedure hardening of the body. It adapts to environmental conditions, fewer sick people.
  2. The positive effect on the nervous system. Exercise outdoors strengthen the nervous system, protect against stress, improving sleep, cheer up and do not give any chance of winter depression.
  3. Kardiotrenuvannya. Skiing – a great workout for the heart and the entire cardiovascular system. During class skiing heart is in emergency mode, quickly pumping the blood, improves circulation. Regular skating allows you to strengthen and increase in volume of the heart muscle, which positively affects the whole body.
  4. The positive impact on the respiratory system. Going skiing improves ventilation that increases the oxygen that enters the body. Therefore, skiing is the prevention of many diseases of the respiratory tract.
  5. Strengthening the muscular corset, prevention of excess weight. While skating skiers arms and legs get rather big load, allowing them to strengthen. In addition, this type of physical activity is quite energy intensive, it burns a lot of calories. Therefore, regular skiing burns overweight and trains the muscles. Also skiing vessels and strengthen ties, improve stamina.

Contraindications to skiing

Despite all the obvious benefits of skiing, it is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • If a person has a disability, and excessive physical activity may worsen her condition.
  • In the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. In this case, before the training should always consult your doctor.
  • Pregnant women.
  • If there are abnormalities of the musculoskeletal system, problems with the spine.
  • After a recent illness or operations, with consultation with a physician is necessary.

Skiing – Winter is a wonderful option exercise. This activity is not only very useful but also brings great pleasure man improves mood and health. So go with the first snow in the mountains, forest or park on their portion of health.