Skin rashes: how to identify scabies

There is a widespread belief that scabies only hurt disadvantaged people. However, this skin disease has a high infectivity – that is very contagious. And guarantee that you will not touch the seats in the bus or metro that you have touched a sore scabies homeless and left them scabies, no. Scabies spreads very rapidly, in advanced stages, responds poorly to treatment. Therefore, any rash on the skin – a reason to consult a dermatologist and do not risk your health and the health of others.

What is important to know if any skin diseases

If the skin rash and/or skin began to itch or itch, it is important to properly diagnose. Self-medication bought at the pharmacy ointment usually ends with the aggravation of the state: the itch will not work. Wrong treatment leads to a rapid spread of the disease to healthy areas of the skin, complications and infection of other family members or loved ones. In the end, the treatment of scabies can last for months.

Running form of scabies, when the skin rash appears similar to streptodermii and other skin diseases sometimes may not even diagnose it would seem an experienced dermatologist. Therefore, it is important for suspected scabies to undergo laboratory analysis – scraping.

Symptoms of scabies: why is it important to consult a doctor

In contact with the skin of the itch mite adapts: this process takes from a week to 20 days. Then the mite begins to reproduce, then appear the symptoms of the disease. The female itch mite lays in the skin moves and lays eggs – it causes severe itching. The first symptoms of scabies is pinkish nodules on the skin. In this stage, you should immediately contact your doctor and not wait for a tick lay eggs “in full” will appear itch moves and itching become intolerable.

Itch mites like to settle on the hips, the elbow, the belly, the buttocks, between the fingers, under the armpits, nipples and penis. In children, unlike adults, itch moves can also be found on the palms and soles. Itch moves like a grayish tortuous line in the skin. Man, combing these places, enters a bacterial infection in the skin, exacerbating the condition.

Treatment and prevention of scabies

If in a family someone was ill with scabies, you have examined all, as well as to take measures thorough disinfection of housing. If at least one of the itch mite will be on furniture, shoes, clothes, etc., then the disease would return. Mites are killed by high temperature, so clothes, soft toys, bedding, etc. needs to be washed. Things need to be ironed with a hot iron. Shoes or those things which cannot be washed, put in plastic bags and kept in the balcony for at least a week without food, and in the confined space of the mite will die. Be sure to spend indoors General damp cleaning with application of disinfectants: the furniture is treated with special disinfectant sprays.

Despite the fact that no one is immune to scabies, personal hygiene and precautionary measures will help to reduce the likelihood of disease. Wash your hands often, try to touch with my bare hands in dirty places, in transport, on the street, scratching face with hands in gloves, etc. Purchased clothing, shoes, furniture, toys, etc., were previously used should be thoroughly washed. Does not hurt to be selective about their sex lives, because sex with strangers or unfamiliar partners is fraught not only with sexual infections. As well as skin diseases such as scabies.