Smoking hookah: harmless fun or harmful to health?

Smoking a hookah in the last 10-15 years has become a very popular activity in Ukraine. It is perceived by many as harmless and harmless alternative to tobacco Smoking. However, doctors say that Smoking hookah is even more harmful than cigarettes. Is it really so?

Does Smoking hookah addiction?

Hookah is very popular among young people. Its smoke at home, in a special hookah bars, even on the beach. Many are convinced that hookah is not addictive. Actually it is not: Smoking Shisha is a special tobacco, the nicotine content which is quite high. Experts estimate that one filling of a hookah uses tobacco, in which 6.25 mg of nicotine, while, as in one cigarette, nicotine 0.8 mg. so, Smoking hookah, we get 7.5 times higher dose of nicotine, which definitely causes dependence. Addictive will gradually be formed, and those who regularly smoke hookah, and pretty soon you might want to smoke a cigarette, because it’s much faster to satisfy their need for nicotine. The world health organization States very clearly his position on the hookah: Smoking is dangerous to health and causes addiction.

How safe tobacco blends for Shisha?

Fans of Shisha confident that tobacco designed for hookah, is less harmful substances than that which is used for the production of cigarettes. But it’s true: in the tobacco mixtures of more harmful substances than cigarettes. Together with the smoke in the lungs of the smoker of the hookah does not only nicotine, but also benzopyrene, a carcinogen (substance that causes cancer). Benzopyrene can accumulate in the human body, cause cancer besides other diseases and even mutation of DNA that can be inherited.

Also the lungs of the smoker of the hookah fall salts of heavy metals, carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide causes symptoms of oxygen starvation, which also hurts the heart, brain, kidney, liver, blood vessels constrict, which adversely affects the blood supply to the organs and systems. Heart, meanwhile, begins to rapidly shrink, trying to get rid of the required volume of blood through the lungs to receive oxygen missing.

Observance of measures of personal hygiene while Smoking hookah

Hookah is usually smoked by the company and not alone. Therefore, if you decide to engage in this harmful business, remember about oral hygiene: use a disposable individual nozzles on the mouthpiece. Otherwise there is a risk of Contracting herpes, hepatitis, tuberculosis, especially if smokers are not familiar with each other.

The world health organization says that hookah is not a safe alternative to cigarettes. Studies have shown that smoke from hookah is very harmful, and it is not cleared through the flask with water. The concentration of nicotine in the tobacco for hookah is 7.5 times higher than in cigarettes. There are a lot of extremely harmful substances in addition to nicotine. A smoke-filled room exposes the threats associated with passive Smoking, all Smoking members of the company.

Smoking Shisha is harmful to health. And though it’s not smoked as often as cigarettes, the dependence on this method of relaxation in the society increases, especially for young people. Before you decide to smoke a hookah, and acquire in your head the myth that this activity is harmless.


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