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Stop diet: how to easily lose weight on fasting days

Summer is the best time to enrich your diet and lose weight without dieting. Besides summer activity – swimming, walking, skating, Biking, etc. together with proper nutrition will help you to become slimmer and lighter without forced diets and tedious workout in a the Summer it is easy to arrange a fasting days – around enough vegetables, fruits and herbs at affordable prices.

A fasting day should be correct

Before you change your diet and arrange fasting days, it is important to consult with a nutritionist. Even if you are going just to eat less bad foods (fast food, convenience foods, fatty and fried foods, sweets, etc.), more fruit and vegetables and a minimum of 1 time a week to arrange unloading on some apples and yogurt. Many people consider themselves healthy, do not complain about health, and have increased or decreased the acidity of gastric juice. They just want to push the “wrong” products and immediately declare itself to gastritis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach), pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) or problems with the intestines.

If you already have problems with the digestive system: abdominal pain after eating, bloating, flatulence, heartburn, disorders of the chair, etc., in such cases, consultation with a gastroenterologist is essential! Fasting day experts recommend to arrange 1 day a week, products are selected for each individual taking into account indicators of human health. Arranging such discharge, our digestive organs and glands like the rest. These days have nothing to do with complete starvation or strict diets that are unhealthy and drive a person into stress. When fasting the body gets food and not starving, but for each it is individual: one can of baked apples, other vegetable salads, and the third is rice or buckwheat. An important rule for any person to choose for fasting days most favorite foods.

As fasting days help to lose weight

Your dietitian will help you choose the right products and tell them what they must alternate with unloading days. For example, this week you carbohydrate fasting day – but not candy sweet soda, and whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Next week protein fasting day, for example, cheese, beans, eggs. And the third week fat fasting day: nuts, salads with olive oil, etc. Important point: in fasting days meals in small portions occur 8-10 times in a day, it is also important to drink up to 2.5 litres of clean water (unless contraindicated). Due to such discharges, we get:

  • the reduction of the consequences of overeating
  • the decrease in the volume of the stomach
  • the dynamics in the process of losing weight you can monitor your results using home weights
  • retention weight.

We do not recommend fasting days

no matter how useful fasting days, there are contraindications for such purification of the body. In the first place is a complex of nervous and mental disease. In other cases, with the help of experts you can find food for relief and help yourself get rid of excess weight, improve health, the work of the digestive system, etc. for Example, fruit discharge is contraindicated in diabetes, and peptic ulcer disease must not consume large amounts of fiber and organic acids. The tendency to constipation should avoid eating rice, and the kidney problems dangerous a long time to use cheese, eggs and meat.