Stress and pre-holiday chores: how not to go crazy

Despite the festive atmosphere during the holidays is the largest number of quarrels and divorces. About it psychologists say: the phrase “surviving the holidays” as you approach the end of the year is becoming more urgent. In a state of stress, the majority of people come unduly unrealistic expectations. Purchase gifts, prepare Christmas dishes, preparing for children’s parties and corporate events falls mainly on female shoulders. It’s time to breathe-to breathe and to think about – do you need it all in such amounts, prioritize, and instead of stressout relax in anticipation of the holidays.

Why do holidays turn into stress

The tendency to live with pleasant memories and illusions turns into unrealized plans and disappointment. We ourselves write the “perfect” scenario of new year’s eve, corporate celebrations etc. and then bite yourself if something went wrong. Understand that deviation from plans is not a disaster, you don’t have to fit someone else’s idea of how things should be, when it comes to your health and mood. Loved ones – separate conversation and, to avoid confusion with them, it is better to discuss plans, find out what people want to reallocate responsibilities and agree on something common.

At the end of the year, many of us tend to take stock, put yourself in the evaluation and… despair, if you fail to meet the targets. On the one hand, it is important to recognize your own responsibility for your life, and on the other to cease to focus on others and focus on yourself. If you have already spent a lot of money on gifts, not promoting or simply “Petrov is better” is a reason to reconsider then your lifestyle and priorities, and not to suffer all the holidays.

Life hacks for stress relief: lie of the mind

If you have carefully read the foregoing, sighed, but still go storm the stores, with plans to buy all the gifts, Prepare for new year feast one hundred and one dish and the remaining to lose weight in 2 weeks 10 kg, the stress and frustration you can not avoid. At least try to give a break to your nervous system and not to focus on the details that will remind you of the consequences.

For example, to avoid unnecessary purchases and the stress of realizing you’ve already spent will help remove all information from your smartphone, personal Bank account, destruction lists, purchases, etc. If you want to buy new molds for cake or noticed on another site a pretty little thing, unsaved payment history will make you fill all the data again. And give a little time to think – and maybe you do not need it?
Do not take a vacation to do everything, you won’t have time. Prioritize and don’t let anyone ruin your plans. Think about what you can do yourself and what to delegate to your family. Do not try to control everything itself, it will add unnecessary stress.

How to deal with “irritants”

If you have planned a family meal with the relatives, the questions about his personal life, the second child, the “expert” opinions about the political situation, etc. can not be avoided. You can either ignore it all, focusing now and using simple manipulation to “predicate” such a situation. Or in advance to discuss forbidden topics in advance and explain that your family rules.

However, guarantee that tipsy guests will behave correctly, no. So if you are afraid to take it out on someone, try not to prove anything “opponent”, and to take deep breaths with breath holding. This will give you time to rest and to steer the conversation in another direction. But if your loved ones will not support this topic, it will soon be exhausted.