Stuttering: what is the reason and can it be cured?

In the world more than 5% of the stammering people, says medical statistics. For those who have no defects of speech, the figure may seem insignificant. But each of the stuttering people are experiencing a lot of discomfort and phobias. To hold people today, on October 22, worldwide is the international day of stuttering people. On this day the world community focuses attention on the problems faced daily by people who stutter and tries to help them.

Why do people stutter: it is a disease or defect?

Stuttering mainly occurs in children more boys stutter than girls. The stuttering reaches a peak in adolescence, and after 30 years it begins to weaken. However, each case is unique. According to the International classification of diseases, called stuttering a speech disorder characterized by frequent repetition, prolongation of sounds and syllables, often stops in speech that violates its rhythm. Often the stuttering occurs in conjunction with logophobia – fear of speaking. Logophobia or verbophobia can be the consequence or the cause of developmental stuttering.

Doctors have identified 2 main reasons for the development of stuttering: defects in the nervous system of the child and childhood severe stress or fear. Although a number of modern medical theories denies the leading role of stress as a factor causing the stuttering. To disorders of the nervous system in a child can lead hard the last pregnancy mother often disease at an early age, heredity. These children when conducting neurological examinations reveal increased intracranial pressure, altered reflexes.

Treatment of stuttering: to what doctor to address and whether?

Stuttering is an unpredictable disease. This speech defect may go through the process of growing up without treatment, and may remain permanently and significantly complicate life. Treatment for stuttering depends on a child or adult, concomitant diseases, psychological state, etc. Each case is individual and requires a holistic approach and the use of techniques by a variety of professionals. In adults and teenagers, a speech impediment which has recorded important sessions with a speech therapist and a psychologist.

In the treatment of stuttering requires the participation of a neurologist, neuropsychiatrist, speech therapist, psychologist. It can be both group and individual methods of treatment, computer programs, psychotherapy and even hypnosis. Treatment of stuttering in a child will help him to avoid difficulties in communication, development, ridicule, and emotional experiences in adult life. And speech correction in the adult is largely dependent on his confidence, commitment and support of close people or relatives.

Tips for parents whose child began to stutter

If you notice that your child began to stutter, in addition to contacting a physician, neurologists suggest in this case to do the following:

  • create a speech pause. This means that it is not worth the extra time to encourage them to dialogue, simply answer the question of the child. And his leisure time to focus on drawing calm watching cartoons, Assembly design etc.
  • speak slowly. This applies to all members of the family, the child will be less nervous, trying to pronounce the words. Do not correct him and odergivala, be patient, he is not to blame for his illness
  • do not discuss stuttering with the child, especially in any case do not scold and do not shame! It is important to pretend that nothing terrible happens. This will help to avoid the formation of the child’s inferiority complex or guilt.