Summer causes of sore throat: how to treat a sore throat

Summer sore throat – a fairly common disease. Hypothermia, cold drinks and ice cream, long stay under the air conditioner are factors contributing to the development of the disease. Angina or acute tonsillitis (the medical term of this disease) is an inflammatory process in the tonsils caused by infection. In most cases of acute tonsillitis cause Staphylococcus and Streptococcus. And that’s where the germs come from there, let’s deal.

Summer sore throat: why some suffer and others not?

Winter or autumn infection we often get sick sore throat after contact with a carrier of the infection. In summer, many factors can undermine our immune system and lead to disturbance of the microflora in the tonsils (tonsils). Often angina, i.e. acute tonsillitis is a chronic relapse goes untreated or the wrong treatment of tonsillitis, where the tonsils occurs prolonged inflammatory process, the ability of the glands to cleanse itself is lost, and the tonsils become a source of infection. The same foci of infection contributing to the development of angina are long untreated carious teeth.

Significant growth of pathogenic microorganisms in the tonsils – i.e. streptococci or staphylococci, etc., lead familiar to each of us factors: hypothermia (on the street or while swimming in ponds), overheating in the sun, which undermine the body’s defenses. As well as iced drinks and ice cream, cooling the throat and contributing to the reduction of local immunity, air conditioners, etc. by the Way air conditioners often become breeding grounds for bacteria, if not promptly change the filters and do not clean away the accumulated dust and germs. In the end, after inhaling such air from day to day, but still working on the draft, to be ill with quinsy can absolutely healthy person.

How to treat a sore throat in the summer

Symptoms of sore throat early in the disease are the same as for colds: pain and sore throat, headache, malaise, enlarged lymph nodes, increased body temperature. The temperature may rise to 38-39 degrees and above, especially when lacunar tonsillitis accompanied by severe sore throat and purulent coating on the tonsils and. Angina – a disease infectious nature, and some gargle “herbs” to cure a disease is impossible. So you only “heal” the disease and acute tonsillitis go into a chronic form, which will often escalate.

Angina weaken the body, give complications on heart, joints, kidneys, etc., so self-medication of sore throat, especially in children – is unacceptable! For bacterial sore throat will require antibiotics, which and dosage correctly calculate only the doctor. Should comply with bed rest and maximize recovery. In addition to rinse with antiseptics or decoction of herbs it is important to drink plenty of fluids to toxins derived from the body quickly. Food should be soft and slightly warm (mashed potatoes, soups, steam vegetables, fish), not to irritate and not scratched a sore throat. Well help inhalation with herbs and antiseptic solutions: for these purposes, it is convenient to use inhalers and nebulizers is a special device. It is especially convenient to do with them inhalation to children.

Prevention of summer sore throat: how to help the throat

Avoid sudden changes in temperature is a stress to the body, which undermines the immune system. It concerns the change of the room in which the air-conditioning going out in the sun and Vice versa. Same – regarding the upcoming swimming season: if you become overheated at the beach, then dive sharply into the water, gradually, or come pre-wipe off water on the hands, shoulders, stomach. In the upcoming holiday the body’s defenses may weaken acclimatization: so getting used to the local climate, not peregrinates and not SuperCool. With caution eat cold foods and drink.

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