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Summer fitness: it does not harm health

Summer – the perfect time for fitness and exercise outdoors. No matter how modern and cool gym would not be, he does not go in any comparison with workouts in the park or the river. Another issue that summer heat can hurt, time for training need to choose carefully, it is also important not to get damaged.

Supporters of running account

It is important to exercise caution to avoid injury. If you decide to start running, you should not immediately try to run a marathon. Start with a brisk walk – is also a physical activity that will help people without a sports training to lose weight and be fit. Think about the time and place where you are going to run or walk. Since the temperature over 25 ° C and humidity above 50% heart rate will increase by 10% more than when running in cool weather. So if you have no experience jogging at least 3-4 months, you should start gently and gradually. A reliable friend you will pulse oximeter – a device for monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.

Fans power loads in summer mode switch to power of endurance. Horizontal bars and open-air bars there are in every city and even village: the same school athletic fields. If your city or town has a gym in the open, do not try to heat up exercises to do with a large minimum weight and repetitions as you used to do in the gym with air conditioning. It is better to choose a trainer with a light weight, but do more repetitions.

What led exercises performed incorrectly

There are a number of physical activities that can be traumatic for women and men. This is the power of strong load weights, exercises performed incorrectly, intensive long run. If aerobic activity (mostly performed for weight loss) to perform, not including health, heart rate, it can cause problems in the heart and blood vessels. Therefore, any physical activity should be adequate and the training program must be drawn up correctly.

Improperly performed exercises lead to injuries and can cause pain in different parts of the body. This is not krepatura muscle that occurs in the beginning or performing completely new exercises. If nothing is done, krepatura usually lasts about 3 days.

How to distinguish from injury krepaturu

“Krepatura” occurs after heavy exercise or for people with weak physical training, recently involved in sports. Also, muscle pain can occur several hours or even days after training, such pain is called zapizdnilym muscle pain (ZMB). This pain is caused microtraumas – rupture of muscle fibers. The benefits of such micro traumas is to enhance the secretion of hormones by which stimulates healing and suppressed inflammation in the muscles. As a result, we have increased muscle mass.

If these are not microtrauma in muscle wound healing yilysya , the next intense exercise can cause damage. And with the excessive amount of training can come physical exhaustion. If muscles ache quite a long time, or even appeared swelling in hands, feet, worry and seek emergency trauma , maybe they were damaged, and they need to recover using medical procedures and tools.