Swelling of the throat and asthma: how dangerous cereals for children?

Croup is called a disease that affects the larynx, it is characterized by attacks of breathlessness, barking cough, hoarseness in the voice. It is false and true croup. Let us examine them in more detail.

Types and symptoms of croup

True croup most often caused by sticks diphtheria, for it is characterized by fibrotic inflammation of the larynx, namely its mucosa. This is a pretty serious disease due to asthma attacks, which are increasingly growing and are a threat to human life. 

False croup called catarrh, which is accompanied by swelling of the mucous membrane of the larynx. It affects a person’s voice, because the hurt and the vocal cords occurs in viral hepatitis and other infections. 

Degree laryngeal edema affects the intensity of wheezing and difficulty in breathing in a person at each inhalation and exhalation is noisy. Before that usually appears by the dry hacking cough.

Most often croup develops in the background of any SARS, so his symptoms are more and fever, and muscle aches, and fatigue and lethargy.

Complications of croup, dangerous for children

For adults, SARS and even emerged on the background of grains – an unpleasant disease, but virtually harmless. Children are all different: after the grits they can develop serious complications. This disease is also called laryngotracheitis, it often affects both the larynx and trachea. In some children, the larynx is inflamed and swells in any the slightest fever, and this leads to regular cases of suffocation. This situation is very dangerous – because medical care can not always be at hand. At risk are too emotional children who are prone to all sorts of allergic reactions. Also, there is the following pattern: the dealer girls is less common than in boys. Usually in the preschool and early school age child “outgrow” cereals, no more attacks. This is because,

Most often in children larynx swells at night, which also adds the danger of disease. In attacks of choking child can speak, but his voice is squeaky, hoarse. 

When a child inhales the rump with a great noise, but the breath is almost inaudible, which creates the impression that the child and did not exhale.

How to treat croup?

If on the face of the symptoms of croup, an urgent need to seek medical care. We are talking about the phenomenon of suffocation. Doctors usually make the patient a special shot, which relieves swelling of the throat. 

For children who are prone to rump, necessary to create special conditions of life: indoor air temperature must not exceed 18 ° C, humidity should be at a level of 60-70 mm. Hg. Art. With such a child need to walk in the fresh air.

If cases of croup are repeated several times, the child put on the account to the audiologist, who will develop a special treatment regimen and give their recommendations. Sometimes he may appoint laser therapy, due to which the impact on patients point. It is also sometimes prescribed fonopediyu – exercises to restore normal operation of the vocal cords, breathing exercises. 

Inflammation and swelling of the throat – it is unpleasant and quite dangerous. Asthma should be kept under control and immediately consult a doctor if they occur.