The abuse of beer and human health: direct relationship

Beer is a natural alcoholic beverage consisting of water, carbohydrates, ethanol, and nitrogen-containing substances. For some reason he is not perceived as a full-fledged alcohol, and people don’t understand that beer can also develop dependence and its abuse has a negative impact on the health of organs and systems.

Today begins the famous

The Munich festival Oktoberfest, analogues of which are now carried out in many countries of the world. It is here that the beer literally flows like water, and people don’t think about the consequences of such fun. If you abuse beer once a year is not good, but the body will try to cope, but if you do it regularly, the problem will very soon make themselves felt.

Influence of beer on health

Consider the negative influence of beer on health and wellbeing:

  • Beer is bad for the cardiovascular system. Weakness and dizziness, which occur during intoxication are due to the fact that alcohol impairs the body’s ability to constrict blood vessels. They are usually narrowed, regulating blood pressure, alcohol also relaxes the walls. When the beer through the carbonic acid that it contains, is rapidly absorbed into the body, it fills the bloodstream, with a large quantity of alcohol provokes varicose veins. And heart if you abuse the beer becomes flabby, its motor functions of living lost. Chemical additives in beer contribute to the deterioration of the function of the heart muscle, it slows down your contractions, the volume of the heart thus increases, which leads to the development of heart failure.
  • Beer affects the bowels. The description of technology of brewing, notes that it uses the hop-derived bitter compounds, namely, the General, soft and hard resin. It is the resin contribute to the development of lung cancer in smokers. Whatever medicinal properties had hops his pitches very negative impact on the human body, namely the intestines. Systematic consumption of beer increases the risk of developing colon cancer.
  • Beer has a negative impact on male and female hormones. The beer is heavy metals, which cause changes in the endocrine system. The systematic use of this drink among men produced a substance that inhibits the development of the male sex hormone testosterone. And the female sex hormones begin to be produced in excess, which causes a change in the appearance of men. He has chest glands expand, the basin becomes wider, about the beer belly all also know. Women who drink beer, have an increased risk of development of oncological diseases. Their hormonal balance is also affected, it can occur that the antennae, grumeti voice. Both men and women, regular drinking of beer provokes a decrease in a sexual inclination towards persons of the opposite sex.
  • Other changes in the body that occur over a beer. The harm of beer is great. Due to the abuse of that drink kills brain cells, leaving the urine, disrupts the function of the spinal cord. Using beer in liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, pancreatitis, gastritis and the like. Beer drinking is in its advanced stage leads to dementia.

Beer alcoholism is formed imperceptibly, this is its main intrigue. A large number of people simply did not believe in his existence, but in vain. Beer alcoholism is treated identically with other types of alcohol dependence, and the patient often don’t even realize that he has real problems. He only drinks beer. If you see a loved one gradually slipping into the abyss through beer, do everything you can to stop her.