The beauty and health of your feet: especially in the summer care

Foot fatigue, sweating, corns and calluses on the feet in the summer, unfortunately, is not uncommon. Cosmetologists say that in the summer the queue to the masters of the pedicure dramatically increase: in the heat of the feet, especially the feet need special care.

Summer foot care is different from winter?
Summer pedicure is done more frequently: every 2-3 weeks, as outdoor shoes promotes faster zagrobelny skin. If you are doing pedicures at the master, it is also important not to forget to care for the feet and at home. If the legs are already cracked or corn, it is best to consult a specialist. He will assess the condition of your nails and skin of feet and, if necessary, (deep cracks, fungus, etc.), may refuse a pedicure and send to the dermatologist.

If you do the pedicure yourself, you can make the edge of the nail for a couple millimeters long. In open shoes, it will look more beautiful, also convenient to trim the nails and avoid the ingrowth of the nail (do the ends of the nail is square, not round, and then sawed sawing). Also don’t overdo the skin exfoliation on the soles and the outer surface of the thumb, too sloughing these places. If you rubbed a blister, then don’t touch the “fresh” corn, so easy to get infected. If a blister has burst, clean the wound with antiseptic and cut the skin, when the corn “dries” and will not be painful. Cream for foot care for summer should be no warming effect, in contrast to winter. Moisturizing and nourishing creams are plant-based, applied to the skin of the feet after washing your feet, help your heels to be always smooth.

How to deal with the sweating and swelling of legs
In the summer we drink more fluids, the body is not always have time to quickly process and swelling may occur even in healthy people. A lover of high heels, pregnant women, people with overweight and flat feet in summer suffer from edema in the legs even stronger. If the feet swell towards the evening and in the morning everything goes, to alleviate the condition will help comfortable shoes, relaxing baths and douches, abundance in the diet of berries, apples, cucumbers, zucchini, which are natural diuretics.


If the swelling does not pass, and in the morning, it is important to be seen by your family doctor: you may have a problem in the kidneys, the cardiovascular or endocrine system. To restore blood circulation and to remove the feeling of heaviness in the legs will help the self massage for hard sponge (not sponge). And to reduce sweating of the feet will help bath infusions of herbs: oak bark, chamomile, sage, nettle, peppermint can help to remove the sweating and relieve fatigue.

Recipes baths for the feet
Perfectly relieve fatigue and help to get rid of sweating baths with sea salt and a half Cup of salt (200 grams) was diluted in a liter of water. You can make herbal “variety”: take equal parts of oak bark, wormwood, leaves of ash ( General – went to 200 grams) and pour a liter of boiling water for at least 10 minutes. In the cooled to an acceptable temperature the broth, you can throw a mint leaf or willow bark.

To avoid athlete’s foot will also help dusting the skin with talcum powder: this should be done after the adoption of the foot bath. If no time to brew herbs, you can make a foot bath with essential oil of lavender, tea tree or fir-tree: it is sufficient to pour a liter and a half of water in a container and sprinkle a few drops of oil.


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