The child is often sick colds – may be to blame for worms!

If your child pursue a cough and runny nose, the case can not be in a viral infection or weak immune system. Cough, and allergic rhinitis may be symptoms of infection by helminths (worms). Particularly relevant this topic now, when rapid warming has caused a new wave of colds and respiratory infections. Parents are upset that their child again coughs and sneezes, not knowing the real reason for such a “cold.” 

Younger children are more likely to become infected with parasites

The presence of parasites in the human body, especially a child, reduces immunity and causes allergic reactions. According to statistics, okolo80% of children under three years suffer from helminth. Helminthiasis called diseases that are provoked trapped in the human body by parasitic worms – helminths (worms) or their larvae. 

The most common among parasites in Ukraine – a roundworm and pinworm. Children suffer most adults because their immune system is weaker, they do not eat spicy food or drink alcohol, as well as kids because of their age do not look after their own hygiene. Therefore, the child easily get worms, playing in the sandbox, stroking the animal and immediately pulling in the mouth dirty hands, toys, etc.

As suspected infection with worms

Infected with intestinal worms may be insufficiently washed through or not washed fruits, vegetables and herbs. And poorly thermally processed fish and meat. Many species of parasites can be transmitted from poultry and wild (stray) animals, walking barefoot on the ground or lying on long grass (worms can penetrate through the skin), when using “raw” water, milk, non-observance of personal hygiene. 

Upon infection, pinworms child begins to disturb an itch in the anal area, pain in the abdomen (the navel), not passing a runny nose, cough, headache, allergic rashes for no apparent reason. Children infected with helminths often overexcited, not sleep at night. When Ascaris infection may not experience any symptoms.  

When parasitic infestations are also observed a decrease in appetite, sudden weight loss, gastrointestinal disorders (gastrointestinal): diarrhea or constipation, fatigue and irritability. During prolonged infestation by parasites can occur intoxication with nausea and vomiting, intestinal obstruction and other serious complications.

Prevention and treatment of helminthiasis

If parents suspect that the baby is infected with worms, and simply to prevent worm infestations need to visit a pediatrician or family doctor and pass appropriate tests. In most cases, the diagnosis of ascariasis analysis of feces enough. Pinworms can be detected only by special scraping, which is held around the anus. This is a quick and painless diagnostic method. Remember that self-medication and treatment only traditional methods – garlic, pumpkin seeds, etc. – not to save the child from parasites, but aggravate the condition even further and may lead to complications. Therefore, adequate treatment of helminthic infestation can only assign a specialist, and only after a definite diagnosis. It is possible that undergo examination and treatment have all family members.

To protect the baby from infection by helminths, often change his underwear (up to 3-5 times a day), make sure that he was washing his hands with soap and water (or wash it until the baby is too small) after a walk, before eating, after using the toilet and communicating with animals on the street. Make sure that the child does not drink water from the tap, did not take into your mouth the dirty hands and objects. Carefully heat-treated meat and fish, vegetables and fruit wash under a strong jet of water, then pour over boiling water.

Greens before washing is recommended to soak in water for an hour: so the larvae or eggs of worms to soak and come unstuck. If you often visit with the child in nature, especially in crowded places with animals, make sure the child is not lying on the ground for a long time. The same applies to holiday in the country and walks in the garden, if you keep the “economy”: goats, pigs, cows, etc. It is advisable for children under 3 years of age do not walk barefoot on the wet ground and the grass.