The consequences of the lack of sun: how to beat depression and strengthen the immune system

Finally came the Sunny days, but many of us still feel sluggish, irritable and “not out” from colds. Departed the winter was long and the lack of sunlight makes itself felt, because the changes of hormone production, changes in mood and wellbeing are directly dependent on light. Besides the short daylight hours and lack of sun disrupt the normal production of vitamin D that is synthesized by our body under the influence of ultraviolet light (sunlight) and is responsible for the regulation of growth, helps the production of hormones, etc. it would Seem – what’s the problem, you just need to spend more time in the sun, some would say. But it should be done correctly, and not everyone has the opportunity to spend much time on the street. And not always just walking under the sun is enough to overcome depression.

If the sun is not happy: how to beat depression and apathy

The deficit of the sun reduces protective functions not only immune, but also nervous system, therefore, more difficult for people to cope with emotional stress, stress. If the person had a long traumatic situation, one good weather enough to get out of depression and apathy. So it’s time to take advantage of Sunny days, it is important the support of friends and relatives.

More walks in the fresh air, outdoor activities, positive impressions. It is also important to be well fed, to try to finally quit Smoking, if you smoke and instead of alcohol to find a hobby (preferably an active – dancing, swimming, yoga, martial arts) to deal with stress. If disturbed sleep and appetite, have you noticed that apathy was delayed, despite the good weather, you should consult a neurologist and/or psychologist. The doctor will advise physical therapy, massage, vitamins, herbal remedies, etc.

Looking for vitamin D: as not to undermine the immune system even more

Prolonged lack of sunlight causes a range of health problems affecting the heart and blood vessels, endocrine, nervous, reproductive system, and of course on the immune system. The lack of sun causes depression and apathy, disrupts natural biorhythms, the production of vitamin D, as has already been said. In the end, we notice and symptoms – worsens the condition of skin, hair, nails. To get the daily requirement of vitamin D sufficient 20 minutes under the bright sun. But first, do not forget that even the spring sun can be harmful to the skin (especially the frail, pale and dry after the effects of winter).

Therefore, use sun glasses, skin protection from ultraviolet radiation, this fact is particularly important for people with light skin. Also remember that air and earth are still insufficiently warmed, and in the evenings quite cool. So do not rush to sit on the cold ground, going on a picnic, bring warm clothes and avoid drafts. Strengthen immunity, and replenish stocks of vitamin D in the body will help a number of products that should be included in the diet.

Where to look for happiness hormone – serotonin

Prolonged lack of sun affected the deficit of serotonin – “happiness hormone”, which helps us to relax, relieves stress and gives a sense of joy and pleasure. Yet the weather is not Sunny everywhere according to forecasts, rains are expected to stimulate the production of happiness hormone will help some foods rich in aminokislotami (especially tryptophan promotes production of serotonin): these are chocolate, bananas, Turkey, nuts, cheese, liver.