The effect of alcohol on health and brain activity of man

Alcohol adversely affects virtually all organs of the human body, but most of all, the brain suffers. The alcohol contained in any alcoholic beverage, rapidly enters blood this is important for the normal functioning of the body, beginning the intensive destructive processes.

How alcohol affects the brain?

Under the influence of alcoholic beverages in humans there are various disorders of the cerebral cortex, causing and there is drunkenness. This affects:

  • The occipital part of the brain that controls the vestibular system. Due to the excessive use of alcohol drunken people disturbed coordination of movements.
  • So-called “moral center.” Even when alcohol in small doses in humans, blunted sense of shame, she becomes more liberated. Very drunk people completely changed the view of morality and basic rules of behavior.
  • The part of the brain responsible for memory and recollection. Due to the excessive use of alcohol people forget that she was where she was and what he was doing. All due to the pernicious influence of alcohol on the brain.

On the background of alcoholism are very slow and not working properly, think tanks, suffer memory and attention. The result is profound changes in the nature and of the human psyche. There has been a gradual breakdown of normal thought processes, there has been a radical change of personality, she starts to steadily degrade. If you abuse alcohol over a long period of time, the degradation is irreversible.

The degree of influence of alcohol on the brain cells depends on the following factors:

  • The quantity of alcohol consumed and the frequency of its use.
  • The age at which an alcoholic started drinking, and the duration of the period over which alcohol was consumed regularly.
  • Sex drunks, his hereditary predisposition to alcoholism.
  • Alcohol the mother of drunks during pregnancy. It is established that prenatal alcohol poisoning significantly increase the likelihood of developing alcoholism in the future of the child in adulthood.
  • The state of health in General.

Under the influence of alcohol a person develops a variety of brain diseases, because it kills the cells of the cortex of the brain. Alcoholism also causes a lack of vitamin B1, which leads to violation of basic brain functions. Prolonged systematic use of alcohol can develop severe disease such as alcoholic encephalopathy, which is characterized by emotional instability, memory impairment, apathy, General malaise. If the disease occurs, this indicates the transition of alcoholism clinical in the final stage, followed by death.

The effect of alcohol on the brain women

Alcoholic drinks have deleterious effects on the brain of any man, but for women they are the most terrible. The fact that the characteristics of the female body are such that the alcohol brings them an extremely great harm. Numerous clinical studies have shown that women alcoholics heart disease, cirrhosis, problems with the nervous system and other disorders that occur in alcohol abuse, are developing much faster than men.

Alcoholism is especially dangerous during pregnancy, because it affects not only the woman but also the fetus. After birth the child can be a serious disease of the brain and other malformations.

Alcoholism is a disease that is extremely adversely affects the operation of the human brain. Even low doses of alcohol have a negative, albeit short-term affect the normal functioning of the brain. If a person uses a lot and constantly, his body is under stress, it is gradually losing his mental faculties, destroys self. The only salvation is the time to recognize the problem and overcome addiction with effective treatments, while the changes are not irreversible.