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The effects of menstrual cycle: from fatigue to infertility

Any failure in the female menstrual cycle has both causes and consequences. This condition is not a disease but a signal that the body are pathological processes. Many women complain of heavy (or Vice versa – poor) and painful periods, irregular menstruation themselves, etc., but continue to ignore this condition and do not go to the gynecologist. Meanwhile, ignoring this condition can lead to poor health of reproductive system and the woman’s body.

Why menstrual cycle can be broken

The reasons, which are disturbances in the menstrual cycle, can be external and physiological. Among the physiological causes – puberty, menopause, pregnancy, lactation. Stress, sudden weight loss or weight gain, endocrine diseases, inflammatory processes in the female reproductive system, etc., are external factors. Most women note the following deviations: copious or scanty menses, soreness, a short cycle (less than 22 days) or long (over 35 days), the complete absence of menstruation of six months or more.
Thus, the most often failures in the menstrual cycle cause:

  • Inflammatory processes in the ovaries, uterus, appendages
  • Tumors benign and malignant – fibroids, cancer, etc.
  • Hormonal disruptions, caused by endocrine disorders – diabetes mellitus, etc.
  • Constant stress
  • Hormonal drugs, incorrectly installed or have installed an intrauterine device, requiring replacement
  • Frequent abortions
  • Frequent change of climate.

The consequences of disturbances in the menstrual cycle

Disruptions in the menstrual cycle, the cause of which is not identified and corrected, eventually lead to the following dangerous consequences:

  • Physical and mental exhaustion of women. Frequent periods, and even with severe blood loss lead to severe fatigue. Until the disability
  • Infertility and/or inability to carry a child if pregnancy occurs
  • The development threat to the health and life of pathological conditions, if the failure in the cycle caused by sexual infections, tumors, etc.
  • The development of endocrine diseases on the background of hormonal changes.

What to do if disrupted menstrual cycle

Find out why violations occur in the menstrual cycle, make the appropriate diagnosis and prescribe treatment can only specialist. Be sure to undergo a pelvic exam to get tested to find out if there are any tumors and infections in the vagina, uterus, etc. For accurate diagnosis, your doctor may prescribe as ultrasound of the pelvic organs and thyroid gland, adrenal glands, blood testing for hormones. If you find a failure in the endocrine system, the treatment will also lead endocrinologist and not just a gynecologist.

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