The main causes of under eye circles

The presence of dark circles under the eyes are usually associated with lack of sleep, great fatigue, stress, and some disorders. Experts from the UK said, where are those defects which are so eager to get rid of millions of people.

Circles under the eyes are clearly visible to others, since the skin in the eye area is the thinnest. Allergies, the common cold and other ENT diseases can sometimes cause swelling in the eye area.

Along with this there are other causes of under eye circles:

The abuse of alcohol. Alcohol causes dehydration which makes the skin around the eyes more thin and weak.

Excess makeup. Daily application of makeup and in that case, if a woman does not remove it every night and sleeping with makeup on, there is an irritation in the eye area that causes accumulation of fluids and bags under the eyes.

Smoking. This habit reduces the amount of collagen in the eye area, which leads to premature formation of wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.

Sunlight. Excessive exposure to sunlight causes the body to produce more melanin pigment which darkens the skin under the eyes.

Genetic predisposition. Dark under eye circles are often inherited.

Medication. Certain drugs cause constriction of blood vessels, which leads to the appearance of circles under the eyes.

unbalanced diet. Experts believe that the lack of minerals such as iron is a sign of insufficient supply of oxygen to tissues of an organism that can cause the appearance of bags under the eyes.

Health problems. Some people have problems with the kidneys or thyroid gland causing the occurrence of bags or dark circles under the eyes.

Aging. And another common cause cosmetic problems around the eyes – it’s age. Over the years, the skin loses collagen becomes thinner and weaker informs Healthy-Item with reference to Medikforum .

It should be noted that great care for the skin of hands andD’Arsonval apparatus and laser therapy .

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