The perfect recipe for the holidays: how to take a child with health benefits

Ahead – week spring school holidays and not all parents have the opportunity to send a child to summer camp or seaside resort. While parents work, children are left to themselves, or left to grandparents. To the holidays for your child were the most useful and interesting health, consider them in advance and arrange with the beloved child. Otherwise, the week off has the potential to turn into an aimless pastime behind the screen of TV or computer.

An alternative to gadgets and family days

During the holidays, be sure to choose two days that you spend with the whole family. Of course the ideal would be a wilderness retreat or a trip to the Museum, movies, etc. select the option that will be of interest to all, as to portray the happy family doing what is not interesting neither you nor your child, will not work. If the weather let us down, and a long family walk will not work, you can offer your child:

  • learn to cook for myself. Why not arrange a home cooking show: don’t have to cook borsch or bake a pie. Make a salad, a fruit plate or even a sandwich – great idea
  • conduct a science experiment at home. How to mix different paints to get new colors, to grow a crystal out of salt and many other interesting recipes you can find online
  • to make crafts with their hands. Dollhouse for girls or a model airplane for a boy – great idea to make a favorite toy.
  • choose a list of books to read to a child. Set on a vacation books on the school curriculum of enthusiasm of the child not cause. Ask him yourself what he is interested in and what he wanted to know. Going to the library or bookstore-cafe, where you can consider bright books and drinking coffee or tea will cause genuine interest of even the most ardent opponents of the reading.

More fresh air and activity

Hard to get child to do the elementary exercise, if mom and dad do not make friends with sports. Rock press, push-UPS, stand in the bar with the whole family, arranging this competition and come up with encouragement for progress and activity. The same applies to parents: additional trip to the store for water in the spring, for food for Pets may make children.

Children who do not love sports and used to spend hours “hanging” in the gadgets. Hardly like to be the idea evening jog or picnic. The output is an interesting alternative. Try to get on the rollers or learn how to ride a bike with your child, even if you have never done it. If the child is able, on the contrary ask him to teach you. To interest children in active recreation can not only barbecue at the campfire or play a standard ball, badminton or Frisbee. More usefully for the body and mind of a child can be:

  • to fly a kite. Even better, if you make it a pre-home alone
  • to build a shed or learn to pitch a tent
  • to do land art in the Park, a Park or forest to create installations of cones, chestnuts, stones, etc.
  • photo fun. Surely you or grandparents are a digital camera or the old “camera” – take it, not to worry for an expensive smartphone. Let the baby takes everything from blossoming flower to the clouds in the sky. Received frames can be viewed at home on the computer with the whole family. But the best is to print out and hang on the wall in “child”.

How not to go “off track” during the holidays

Back to school mode after the holidays is always difficult. It is therefore important to agree in advance with the child that a few hours a day (and what) he will devote to homework or repetition of the passed material. If the child is out of the usual regime and it is difficult to get up in the morning – do not scold him, lecture will not solve the problem. Plan his day so that he had time, and clearly followed the schedule.

Don’t forget that the child should eat a healthy diet, to fruits, vegetables, vitamin complexes. Be sure to cook the evening school uniform, portfolio, plan clothes to morning child frantically not looking for a change of shoes or student ticket. And don’t forget to be attentive and affectionate with the child, even if he was a high school student. Remember, what you lacked from your parents in childhood, and try not to repeat their mistakes!