Dietology and nutrition

The reverse side of the post: how to restore the body

About how to get out of fasting and what to eat, given hundreds of recommendations of nutritionists.Also doctors say that for full recovery of the organism after long-term limitation in usual human food will take at least a month.Those who fasted for the first time or incorrectly balanced your diet, may experience health problems, because the body is so weakened respiratory diseases and deficiency of vitamins after winter. A unbalanced diet could affect the condition of hair, nails, blood counts, etc.

How to detect anemia and to prevent the development of anemia

With the restriction of products containing iron, vitamin B9 (folic acid) and vitamin B12 may develop iron deficiency anemia (anemia). Most rich in easily digestible iron and these b vitamins In red meat and offal, which in a post is prohibited. But if the person who carefully fasted, there are diseases of the digestive system, the risk of anemia increases. Because in this case, and so violated the absorption of iron from the stomach and upper small intestine. Contribute to the development of anemia also protein deficiency (and the main sources of protein are again products of animal origin), endocrine diseases, chronic diseases of internal organs.

So if health problems have been, but you still decided to fast, then pay attention to the following symptoms of anemia: weakness, fatigue, headache, excessive pallor and dry skin, brittle hair and nails, shortness of breath. If there is at least one of them, then you need to contact the physician to check blood counts. Indeed, during fasting, according to the medical statistics, may decrease the hematocrit (ratio of red blood cells to blood plasma). Therefore, your doctor may recommend a special diet or prescribe medications to improve blood counts.

If disturbed reproductive function

To suffer from prolonged deficiency of protein products can the female reproductive organs. Fasting or a strict diet can cause delay of menstruation. These problems can often occur in adolescents or young skinny girls that have the body weight and so small, and if following a strict diet the weight dropped to 47-45 kg, menstrual cycle is disturbed.

However, the negative effect on ovarian function also provides and overweight. If women had extra weight, and during lent she has been on a fast carbohydrates “eat” a couple of extra pounds, you may also experience problems with the reproductive organs. To restore women’s health, it is important not only adequate nutrition, but also avoid stress, fatigue, and relaxation.

Why can stradat hair, nails and skin

Restriction in the diet, particularly the rejection of animal protein can negatively affect the condition of hair, nails, skin. The skin may become more pale, sensitive, begin to peel off, nails are flaky, and the hair break down and lose their natural Shine. The opposite can happen: in violation of protein balance (especially the owners and the owners of oily and combination skin) may increase the allocation of subcutaneous fat. As a result, the pores of the skin dilate and become clogged, and the hair begins to Shine.

But after fasting, it is important to return to normal diet gradually, consuming meals fractional portions, initially continuing to eat plant foods and introducing animal protein foods gradually. In these cases, the deterioration of the skin, hair and nails can help taking a multivitamin, phytocomplexes, which will recommend a doctor. Also will not prevent the visit to the beautician who will recommend the correct skin care.