The secret of health – family life: insights of psychologists

Married people live longer than singles, I feel more happy and in old age less likely to suffer from dementia. These facts are confirmed by numerous medical studies. Modern society puts a priority to support the institution of the family: today, may 15, worldwide and in Ukraine, including the international day of the family.

Family people healthier mentally and physically

Since ancient times the family was and remains the basis of procreation, harmonious education of children. However, in modern families, the husband and wife more preoccupied with work, household chores, Internet and TV, children than each other. The UN General Assembly initiated an annual Day of families since 1993 to attract public attention around the world to numerous family problems. Despite the fact that family conflicts can not be avoided, but everyday problems and routine can destroy even the strong and wealthy financial family, married people are more healthy and happy, conclude the doctors.

So, single people are more susceptible to immune and endocrine disruption, according to the oncologists. Hence, the incidence of cancer, especially skin cancer, among single people is higher than among couples. Family relationships, despite all arising difficulties, give people more joy in life. As psychologists point out, makes people more happy not the marriage itself, per se, but the feeling of support and security that is produced by married couples with years. The husband and wife or a couple living together for a long time, more protected from pain, both physical and psychological, than a single person. Not for nothing in the pyramid human needs pyramid of Abraham Maslow, famous American psychologist, the need for love and family is at the 3rd place, and security needs and physiological processes (sleep, food, etc.) for 5 and 6 places.

Married men live longer than unmarried

Researchers found that married men live longer than 5-7 years than bachelors. Men around the age of 40 who have never lived a family life, run the risk of dying is two times more than their married or consisting of a partnership are the same age. Doctors say that early mortality of single men depends on the social, medical and occupational factors, related to difficulties in finding a partner.

Family support – a good prevention of senile dementia

Family life reduces the likelihood of neurosis, so people who have built long-lasting family relationships, more satisfied with life. And British scientists found that when trust and understanding between spouses, children and other close relatives, the risk of dementia – senile dementia in the elderly decreases. Dementia contributes to loneliness in older age, and relationship problems between family members.

Therefore, elderly people especially need the support of loved ones. However, as the youngest member of the family: because the family begins the education of the baby. And surrounding the family and friends affect the development of his personality and lay the Foundation of behavior that will stay with him for life. Often it is the education of the children and all the moral and material nuances associated with it, become the causes of family quarrels and the decay of relationships between parents and children.

If the family of problems

Marriages which are concluded from the considerations to forget the previous failed relationships, with an ax to grind with the desire to assert themselves, etc.. in most cases doomed to failure. Also often leave young people who got married too quickly after the outbreak of love, not having experience and not wanting to take responsibility for their actions. But most of the problems in families, according to psychologists, arise from the accumulated resentments and unwillingness of one of spouses to respect the other person. Experts advise not to suppress resentment or misunderstandings, and to discuss them constructively and work together to find a way out. If a difficult period in family life was delayed, you should not hesitate to seek help from a specialist. A third party – and especially professional – it is always easier to hear the arguments of both sides and to find the optimal solution to the problem.