Healthy lifestyle

Use saunas to improve your health, not hurt

With hot steam and dry air can improve your health and relieve stress. A sauna or bath will help to strengthen the immune system, excrete toxins, etc. Generally with the onset of cold weather, the sauna is a favorite spot of many of us. It is only important to know the rules of use of the saunas and contraindications to such procedures.

What’s the use of saunas and baths

Sharp difference of temperatures has long been used for health purposes. Important fact: to be in the sauna should be as good to warm the body and sweat. When exposed to high temperatures are beginning to produce white blood cells – leukocytes. They help the immune system to fight viruses, bacteria, toxins, etc., the Sauna will help to improve the function of internal organs and systems: endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, relieve fatigue and stress, improve brain function.

Also use sauna rejuvenating purposes: the opened pores of the beam acquire different oils, beauty masks white clay etc. and when combined sauna and therapeutic massage health-improving effect is maximum. However, to visit the stick or the steam room can not all.

Who is not recommended sauna, and what not to do at all

After the steam room, many people like to jump into cold water or even snow. Such a contrast can hurt the blood vessels, so when problems with blood vessels, varicose veins, etc. such a contrast procedure is contraindicated. A sudden change to high temperatures at low dilated vessels are heavily compressed.

Yes, and who like to swim in cold water or roll in the snow, you should be careful, because it can easily be supercooled and ill. More effective for medicinal purposes for a swim in the cool water before the steam room and then shower. In addition to varicose veins the sauna is not recommended:

  • pregnant women and women during menstruation
  • heart diseases and high blood pressure
  • with the existing cold it inflammation, if the body temperature above 37 degrees
  • after strong physical exertion
  • in disorders of the psyche
  • if you have diabetes.

Use the sauna correctly, so as not to harm health

The most common mistake when visiting the sauna, the drinking of alcoholic beverages. Moreover, it will reduce the effect to a minimum, the combination of alcohol and high temperatures can cause a heart attack. Also, do not turn the sauna in “the dinner party”, take food for two to three hours to the sauna and take a clean tea – preferably herbal or green fruit.

Don’t forget to cover the hair with a towel or a special hat so as not to overdry them. On the skin, especially if it is dry, apply a moisturizing oil. To stay in the steam room longer than an hour is dangerous, and the first approach is generally better to do for 10 minutes. People with thin skin and minimal fat deposits doctors recommended to do short visits of 10-15 minutes, repeat as necessary. After the sauna do not forget a good dry off and dry my hair, not to be supercooled n the street. In General, the presence of any chronic diseases the sauna, the residence time in the steam room and related procedures (massage, therapeutic, massage with a broom, etc.) should be discussed with your doctor.