Useful products of autumn: improve immunity and reduce weight

The autumn delights us with a gentle coolness and warming rays of the sun. But the cold, and together with them and colds is at hand. So now, while the rainy autumn has not come into its legal possession will be the ideal time to strengthen the body’s defenses and external improvement, what would help us the useful gifts of nature.

The basic rules of the autumn diet

The media, including Internet resources, are crowded today countless diets and for weight loss, and to restore the body with a particular disease. Every day scientists are developing new methods of healthy eating. Although it is actually easier to look at history or to draw attention to the East, where the problem of obesity has such a wide resonance in comparison with Western countries.

Residents of the East and in the 21st century, practicing the technique of a healthy diet, composed thousands of years ago their wise ancestors, who noticed that the same product, depending on the time of year affects the body and wellbeing. In other words, the same product in the summer activates the particular body, and in winter – slows down, allowing you to adjust the mode of activity and rest. To organs and systems run smoothly (without pathologies), it is important to eat properly – in accordance with the seasonal rhythms, the body’s needs.

Therefore, this method of food based on the seasons tastes. Eastern residents make up the menu based on not four but five seasons – winter, spring, summer, fall and off-season (four transitions). Each season’s inherent flavor and concrete products – to encourage the work of some organs and inhibition of others. So, in the fall (23 August to 22 October), when loads suffer the lungs and large intestine according to the method of nutrition, the diet should prevail foods with sharp tastes (onions, garlic, all kinds of peppers, ginger, horseradish, mustard). And in the off-season (from October 23 to November 21) the emphasis should be on healing sweets (honey, jam, dried fruit) to activate the stomach, pancreas and spleen.

If we talk about neutral tastes that do not bring any special benefit, nor harm, in autumn you can enjoy beef, as well as trophy hunting – elk, venison, etc.; offal is better to give preference to easy. A choice of cereals for toppings that you can fill with savory and sweet sauces, in autumn wide for every taste. Year-round, including in autumn, must eat fish and seafood, not forgetting of kelp to prevent iodine deficiency and problems with the musculoskeletal system, metabolism. However, in autumn it is desirable to cancel baking, dairy products, nuts and seeds.

So look the main principles of healthy eating in the autumn, following which it is possible to strengthen immunity and improve the shape, and, effortlessly, and medicines.

Top 11 main products of autumn

Experts in the field of health and beauty have compiled a list of products that must, first, be the basis of the autumn menu, and second, to prepare and equip the human body to fight winter viruses.

Garlic ranks first in the ranking of natural antibiotics. Because this spicy dressing has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the volatile. In addition, garlic has an ability to prevent the development of tumors. To protect yourself, a day is enough to eat 3 cloves of garlic, while not fearing an unpleasant smell – it is easy to neutralize parsley, coffee beans.

Onions, like garlic, disinfects, contributing to the rapid recovery. And to keep disease-causing microbes, need a day in any form (preferably, of course, in raw, with maximum preservation of vitamins), eat half the onion, which, in addition to healing ascorbic acid, contains flavonoids that reduce the risk of cancer.

Tomatoes are valuable in lycopene – a powerful antioxidant that stimulates brain activity, soothes the nervous system and reduces the risk of pathologies of the cardiovascular system. It is important to note that lycopene does not destroy the heat treatment. Therefore, even tomato paste and ketchup benefit the body by reducing the level of cholesterol in blood, improving mood.

Cabbage – fresh and pickled – great fights with the autumn melancholy, but sadness is not a single feat. After all, rich in vitamins a, b group, Riboflavin, Pantothenic and nicotinic acids cabbage improves mood, restores energy, strengthens the hair and normalizes the work of gastrointestinal tract.

Sweet peppersimilar to cabbage prevents pathology of the stomach, the pancreas and stimulates hair growth. Even one bell pepper per day protects against colds.

Beans due to the high protein content is very rich food, which is also useful. This nutritional variety beans neutralizes cholesterol and generally cleans the blood from harmful elements. Slowly soaked in blood, the carbohydrates bean is not reflected in the figure.

Pumpkin should be in the autumn, the main ingredient in the menu of a person suffering from anaemia. Because pumpkin contains lots of beta-carotene and iron (this mineral promotes hematopoiesis).

– probably the most famous natural remedy to improve vision, which is also an excellent prevention of stroke, cancer. Blueberries fresh or as an extract in cosmetics rejuvenates.

Lemon ‘s famous antibacterial action that is effective only in the case of fresh consumption. For colds you want to decorate the dessert 3 or 4 slices of lemon. Also with viral and bacterial infections helps blend a squeeze of lemon, honey, nuts, which can be used in the absence of Allergy.

Honey quickly reduces inflammation and prevents colds if you daily consume 2 teaspoons of honey. It is important to note that in the boiling water (and hot tea too!) honey loses its healing properties, so adding this drug in the drink temperature is below 60 degrees.

– perfect Breakfast-time student. Because this easy hot cereal that is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber, stimulates brain activity, fills with energy and ensures full development of the baby, cleaning the body of toxins.
If someone of the family members refuses meals with the above foods to compensate for the deficiency of essential trace elements will help the herbal remedies for the prevention of immunodeficiency.

Thus, generous autumn provides each of us the chance to improve external and internal condition, just properly using the healing gifts of nature.