What are stretch marks and how to avoid the appearance of stretch marks

Stretch marks (striae) may appear on the skin as Mature women and young girls. Men have stretch marks also appear, but less often. Although stretch marks are not hazardous to health, but aesthetically such a strip on the skin not look very attractive. Especially care about this fact women, so it is helpful to know how to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, than then long to get rid of them.

Why do I have stretch marks on the skin

Stretch marks is the scar formation on the skin, the appearance of which in most cases is due to hormonal changes. Excess Gomonov affects the condition of the skin dramatically decreases production of collagen and elastin, reducing the elasticity of the fibers. This leads to stretching of the dermis – the inner layer of the skin and the formation of micro traumas. Thus, stretch marks – are scars that occur on the site of the torn fibers.

This skin defect most often appears in pregnant women, girls in puberty and when sudden weight loss and Vice versa – the weight of the body. But in some cases, stretch marks can be a consequence of the disease or genetic predisposition. Initially stretch marks are red or even purple color because of the many capillaries, which are riddled with connective tissue. Gradually, the stretch marks fade but not completely disappear: their place of education not covered by the sun, so to hide this defect in the skin difficult.

The main factors of the formation of stretch marks on the skin

The appearance of stretch marks “blame” not just hormones, or diet. More than others the formation of stretch marks on the skin is subject to:

  • people, close relatives of which have striae. If my grandmother or mother have stretch marks, the daughter or granddaughter may have a genetic predisposition to the formation of stretch marks
  • the inhabitants of the Northern regions. Most “northerners”, the skin thinner, more pale, than the inhabitants of southern countries. So this skin is more susceptible to the formation of stretch marks
  • girls aged 15-18 years. This period of intense growth and puberty, the skin may “have no time” to stretch. Often first the formation of stretch marks exposed chest: the skin on her delicate and thin and in the period of active growth of the mammary glands stretch marks can appear literally over night
  • pregnant women. They have, in addition to the breast, stretch marks may form in places where the skin is most stretched – stomach and hips
  • athletes and body builders. To the formation of stretch marks causes as a sharp-set muscle mass and the cessation of intense exercise
  • dieters or dieters. In the fight against excess weight is important, as nutritionists advise, to drop no more than 2% of the initial body weight in a month, otherwise the risk of stretch marks is very high
  • people with diseases of the endocrine system. If you do not belong to one of the above groups, and stretch marks began to appear, then do not delay a visit to the endocrinologist.

Can you prevent stretch marks: prevention methods

To prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the skin is much easier than to get rid of them. After all, to completely remove stretch marks is possible only with the help of laser therapy. Prevention of striae, it is important to eat right and care for your skin, paying special attention to places of possible formation of stretch marks. The diet should include foods rich in s,m, E vitamins, zinc, copper – these substances contribute to the production of collagen. Therefore, it is important to eat some liver, avocado, green peas, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, porridge. Don’t forget to eat protein foods, the protein helps to regenerate tissues better.

It is also important to monitor the tone of the skin loose skin is more susceptible to stretch marks. To promote blood circulation, and with it the skin tone will help massage and contrast shower. The skin of the breast, thighs, and stomach with disposition to stretch marks needs more care:

  • use oils: 4-5 drops of essential oil (lemon, mint, rosewood, orange), added in a tablespoon of coconut, olive, almond or sesame oil will help the skin become more elastic. The blend of oils you can either just gently massage and allow to absorb into the skin
  • scrubs and exfoliation: regular ground coffee, mixed with honey or cosmetic oil (olive, coconut) will be a great tool for peeling at home. Scrubbing improves blood circulation and helps the skin to better breathe
  • seaweed wraps and mud wraps. As well as maintaining their own weight, avoiding sudden weight gain.