What everyone should know about HIV: how to avoid infection

Every year the world community 1 December is celebrated as the world day of fight against AIDS. AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is the last stage of HIV the human immunodeficiency virus, which ends with the death of the patient. The problem of HIV infection, unfortunately, not only medical but also social problem that can affect anyone. After all, every year in Ukraine among tested for HIV citizens of the 1% of people confirmed positive result. Last year, according to statistics from the centre for public health, Ministry of health, HIV incidence on the rise again.

HIV: what’s going on in Ukraine

Ukraine, unfortunately, occupies a leading position on the incidence of HIV/AIDS in Europe. Therefore, every citizen should know what the disease is, how it is transmitted and not transmitted, what methods of HIV prevention. The view that HIV only hurt disadvantaged people, mostly drug addicts is wrong. Namely, sexual transmission infection, according to the doctors, was the main reason for the spread of the disease.

Do you always use condoms during sex, what do you know about your partner and his previous partner, how often under the influence of alcohol, you agree to have sex with unfamiliar partners and not use condoms? If you remembered that at least once had sex without a condom with a person about whom little is know (or not know anything), you should get tested for HIV. Because the virus can live in the body for years and does not show itself. Meanwhile, an HIV-infected person not only endangers the health of their partners, but gradually loses its protective forces of the body, slowly approaching his own death.

The highest incidence of HIV infection observed in Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Mykolaiv, Odessa regions and in the capital. Now for the first time the Ministry of health increased funding for programs to fight the HIV epidemic. Today we are encouraged to be tolerant and more tolerant to people with HIV and try to learn as much information as possible about this disease to protect their health.

HIV and AIDS: what is the difference and how is the infection

HIV is caused by one of retroviruses and affects the immune system. The human body is not able to resist any infection is weakened, and in the absence of antiretroviral treatment, the disease moves rapidly to AIDS. It is a terminal disease in which a person dies from several lung diseases. Most often it is a combination of oncological processes, diseases caused by bacteria or fungi, skin diseases etc.

Ways of HIV transmission is sexual route (during intercourse), vertical (from the sick mother to unborn child) and parenteral, from transfusions or the use of the same syringe for injection. HIV infection occurs by ingestion of infected biological fluids into the bloodstream or mucous membranes. But in order to get the concentration of retrovirus should be the maximum. Therefore, the risk of Contracting HIV at the dentist when getting a tattoo or nail salon, theoretically there is, but it is not as high as they say. Early diagnosis of HIV and timely started therapy allows a sick person to live for many years (20 or more) fulfilling lives.

How to detect HIV infection and where to go for examination

HIV can masquerade as the common cold, chronic fatigue, etc., so the most reliable way to check there is a virus in the body or not is to take a blood test. Modern rapid tests allow to find out the result after 15 minutes. To be tested in city and district centres for the prevention of HIV/AIDS, urban clinics, pay analysis to private laboratories. In Kiev also undergo free anonymous rapid test in the “AHF Checkpoint” font-AIDS of the USA in Ukraine at Shulyavskaya str. 5, of. 10.


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